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Archive Proposals/Defense4All

This document serves as the Termination Proposal for the Defense4All project as described in Section 2.3.5 of the Project Lifecycle & Releases document.

Reason for Archiving

The project has been inactive for nearly 18 months (the last non-trivial merged patch was on January 31st, 2015) as evidenced by the list of merged patches. While this does not meet the guidelines for a Termination Review initiated by the TSC as described in Section 2.3.5 of the Project Lifecycle & Releases document, we have contacted representatives of the project about archiving the project and all committers agreed the project should be archived.

Impact on Other Projects, Users, and Communities

Since this project has been inactive for nearly 18 months, the impact should be minimal with the exception of occasional people cloning the repository or finding the wiki pages describing the project without understanding that it is not currently maintained. Archiving the project (and thus enabling some cleanup of wiki pages) will likely decrease confusion.

Mitigation Strategies

The TSC will attempt to mark wiki pages to clear show that the project has been archived and the projects git repository will be renamed to archived-defense4all at it's archived location. Further, we will add notes in both places pointing to alternate locations to get working with the currently-maintained projects in OpenDaylight.

Archive Location

The project will be archived on the OpenDaylight github mirror with the project name changed from defense4all to archived-defense4all.

Archive Vote and Date

The project was archived on June, 9th 2016 as recorded in the TSC minutes on that date.