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Archive Proposals/Kafka Producer

This document serves as the Archival Proposal for the Kafkaproducer project (project proposal) as described in Section 2.3.5 of the Project Lifecycle & Releases document.

Reason for Archiving

The Kafkaproducer project never committed any code to its repository. Its status is unclear, its project proposal page doesn’t mention reviews and it isn’t featured in the project list.

As per section 2.3.5, the TSC is initiating a termination review for lack of activity (no commits in the last 18 months).

The email notifying the creation of the proposal received no response. Most of the committers’ email addresses are invalid.

Impact on Other Projects, Users, and Communities

Since the project never produced any code in OpenDaylight, there is no impact on other projects, users or communities.

Mitigation Strategies

No mitigation strategy is needed.

Archive Location

There is nothing to archive. The project proposal page will be amended to indicate that the project is archived, and the Gerrit project removed.

TSC Archival Review