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BGP LS PCEP:Carbon Release Notes

Major Features


  • Initial configuration file loader for BGP
  • Operational state for BGP OpenConfig


  • Integrate PCEP topology provider with Cluster Singleton Service

Karaf 4:

  • BGP Karaf 4 migration
  • PCEP Karaf 4 migration
  • BMP Karaf 4 migration
  • RSVP Karaf 4 migration
  • BGPCEP Extras Karaf 4 migration

Target Environment

For Execution

Java Runtime Environment 8

For Development


Known Issues and Limitations

  • Particular known bugs and workarounds.
    • Bug 6562 - Support add-path in base BGP NLRI
  • Limitations
    • BGP scaling with clustering - it is recommended to create a "bgp-rib" module-based shard without a replication, for more details see BGP user-guide
  • Testing methodology. How extensive was it? What should be expected to work? What hasn't been tested as much?

The new BGP extensions were tested manually with software implementations (exaBGP).

Changes Since Previous Releases

The BGP demo configuration is loaded via Configuration File loader.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

At least 29 bugs were fixed.

Migration from Previous Releases

  • Features:

no changes

  • Yang Data Models:

Compatibility with Previous Releases

No compatibility issues are expected.

Deprecated, End of Life, and/or Retired Features/APIs

  • Deprecated:
  • End of Life: