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Controller Core Functionality Tutorials:Tutorials:Starting A Project

The Toaster Tutorial


  • Getting the toaster Tutorial code from the coretutorials repository:
 > git clone https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/p/coretutorials.git
 > cd coretutorials/toaster
 > ls

Getting Started

At this point, you will see a set of directories/folders that correspond to the Chapter links below. To work on a particular chapter, example ch0: Welcome to POM Land And Karaf: move into the chaptor 0 directory, and build it, then follow the wiki link corresponding to chaptor 0 below and following the instructions documented on that wiki page:

> cd ch0-Welcome_To_POM_Land_And_Karaf
> mvn clean install

Chapter 0: Welcome to POM Land and Karaf

Chapter 1: Your Feature and Hello World

Chapter 2: The Toaster Yang Model

Chapter 3: Getting Data from MD-SAL Data Store (OnDataChanged)

Chapter 4: Putting Data into MD-SAL Data Store - Write Transactions

Chapter 5: RPCs

Chapter 6: Full implementation

Ch0-Keith attempt

Next Steps

Check out the other tutorials!