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Problem Statement

During the first release of OpenDayLight (Hydrogen) the process of cutting the release artifacts has been manual with committers representative of each project being online during a doom day sequencing manually the release of the it's project in order to achieve the final milestone or performing the release of all the projects partecipating to the Simultaneous Release. With project increase and with the need of creating weekly stable artifacts that can be used as stable points against developers can develop their code, keeping the release process manual and requiring so many people to achieve the goal is not a viable option. Started from this base point the concept of autorelease process emerged. In a nutshell the process is nothing else than an automation of the work done for the Hydrogen release by so many folks.


Essentially the autorelease process is a loop over all the existing projects ordered in such a way that the first one is the one with no dependencies on others and the N process depends on ANY of the 0..N-1 projects but on NONE of the projects after N.

The code is hosted under:


At the heart, each project is released using the maven-release-plugin workflow however there are some notable modifications that has been taken in order to make sure the release of a project doesn't need to modify the state of the OpenDayLight central maven repository nor the state of the OpenDayLight Git repository. The reason for creating this exception is due to the fact that we wanted to make sure we can try to perform a release of all the projects all together before than publishing the results to those central repositories. In fact if we do go by the approach of releasing each project and publishing the releases artifacts to the central repository one-by-one then in the process a project may fail and that would lead to an half-backed release artifact cutting for the whole OpenDayLight set of projects.

We now have a Jenkins CI silo dedicated to the process over at https://jenkins.opendaylight.org/odlautorelease/.

Helium autorelease

The Helium-cycle autorelease job runs here: https://jenkins.opendaylight.org/odlautorelease/view/Helium%20Autorelease/