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CrossProject:Integration Group:CSIT Test Plan Base

This needs to be updated. Please bear that in mind when reading the content and feel free to help update it.

Base Edition Test Plan


  • Start Opendaylight Controller at using Base Edition
  • Start mininet (i.e. mininet> sudo mn --controller=remote,ip= --topo tree,2)
    • This generates 3 nodes: SW1 (*:01), SW2 (*:02), SW3 (*:03)
    • SW1 has 2 ports: 1,2 that connects to SW2 and SW3
    • SW2 has 3 ports: 1 to host1 (, 2 to host2 ( and 3 to SW1
    • SW3 has 3 ports: 1 to host3 (, 2 to host4 ( and 3 to SW1

Test Content

Network Service Functions

  • Clustering Manager (Manages shared cache across controller instances)
    • Will be added later
  • Netconf (Generates RESTCONF NB API from Netconf Yang models)
    • Will be added later

OVSDB Plugin