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GettingStarted:Performance Integration Tests


Develop either an integration test that either fails or warns if the controller drops below certain performance metrics.

While we have extensive unit test to test the correctness of various components of the system and even integration test to see how thing behave from a correctness standpoint when combined, we don't have mechanisms to test the overall performance of the controller and until recently, there have been reasons to believe that it was rather poor.


  1. A small test that use CBench to evaluate the performance a basic controller setup using the samples.reactiveforwarding (from the topic/performance/async branch) to actually provide the rules.
  2. As a sub-part of that, a CBench artifact for the nexus
  3. Some idea of what the current performance and the performance of the topic/performance/async branch to inform what we should set expected performance at.



Daniel Farrell is actively working on this. His code is being hosted in this GitHub repo.


This task is mentored by Colin Dixon either e-mail (colin@colindixon.com) or IRC (colindixon in #opendaylight on freenode) can reach him.