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GettingStarted:Starter OSGI Bundle Projects

This content is out-of-date and is considered deprecated. It is unlikely to be updated in the future either. Information here should be taken with that in mind.


Anyone wanting to write an OSGI bundle to plug into the controller needs a starting place, a template if you will for the maven project for their bundle.


  1. A 'starter' 'osgibundle/' and directory suitable for ODL projects to copy into the top level of their git repo containing stubs for the things you need to get an OSGI bundle going
  2. A wiki page explaining how to do so and modify them for their bundle


We have some examples to start from in:

The simplest example is probably Arphandler You will need:

  1. A pom.xml that does not have the commons.opendaylight as a parent pom.
    1. With blanks to fill in, and comments on how to fill them in inline
  2. An Activator class, similarly with commented out sections to be worked with and comments inline explaining how to work with them.


  1. Please feel free to push these directories into a directory 'starters/' in the controller project


This task is mentored by Ed Warnicke, you can reach him most easily on IRC on Freenode with handle edwarnicke, but email to eaw@cisco.com also works :)