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Graduation Reviews/Template


Insert your projects name here (ideally as a link to your main project wiki page)

Creation Review History

Project was created on <date>

<"Project Proposal" as link to Project Proposal>

<"TSC Minutes" as link to TSC meeting minutes for creation review>

Working Code Base

Code base can be found at <project repo name as a link to repo>.

Code base currently builds <link to Jenkins job for master showing successful build>.

Code base currently runs: <include one or more of:

  1. Link to instructions for running code base *and* a link to a video of someone successfully following those instructions
  2. If your project is infrastructure for others, explain how another projects passing system tests or running instructions + video demonstrates that your code base is working >

<Please also feel free to provide additional supporting materials (sonar reports, system test links etc)>

Active Community

Community merged commit history: <link to gerrit for https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/q/project:<reponame>+status:merged showing community activity>

Community open commit history: <link to gerrit for https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/q/project:<reponame>+status:open showing community activity>

Prospective new developers can learn how to get involved here: <link to project "Getting Involved" section>

Note: If community is not *recently* active, explain why.

History of Releases (using Mature Release Process)

Please provide information for at least two prior releases.

Note: This need not necessarily mean that the project released artifacts as part of the simultaneous release. For example, a project which provides support for other projects as they release (as in Integration/Test) is also perfectly acceptable.

<Release Name>

Release Plan: <link to release plan for each release participated in>

Release Review: <link to release review for release participated in>

Links to milestone readouts, e.g., M1, M2. It would help to provide information about how late (if at all) they were and note any missed deliverables.

Committers vote on seeking graduation

On <date> committer voted to seek graduation to mature: <link to email thread showing vote to seek graduation>

Request to TSC for graduation review

On <date after> requested graduation review from TSC: <link to email to tsc@lists.opendaylight.org asking for a graduation review>

Result of review by TSC

On 03/24/2016 the TSC voted to graduate LISP Flow Mapping project: [1]