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Group Based Policy (GBP)/Installation guide

Installation guide will navigate you through initial steps of karaf distribution.

1. Download karaf distribution from: https://nexus.opendaylight.org/content/repositories/opendaylight.snapshot/org/opendaylight/integration/distribution-karaf/

2. Run karaf container bin/karaf

3. For troubleshooting: set groupbasedpolicy log level to trace log:set DEBUG org.opendaylight.groupbasedpolicy

4. To install GBP feature: feature:install odl-groupbasedpolicy-api feature:install odl-groupbasedpolicy-base

5. Install Restconf feature: feature:install odl-restconf

6. Shutdown karaf container: logout

7. Update configuration according to User Guide

8. Run karaf container again, check if the features are installed: feature:list. ODL log file is visible here: ./data/log/karaf.log