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HackFests:vHackFest Sept 19 2013


The next vHackFest is focused on Continuous Integration Testing. All Projects participating in the Hydrogen Simultaneous Release have committed to getting Continuous Integration Testing going no later than next week. This vHackFest will bring all of us together to do so.


Since OpenDaylight has participants all over the globe, the vHackFest will take place over a 24 hours period, beginning Thursday Sept 19, 2013 at 1am PST (10am CEST) and running till Friday Sept 20 at 1am PST (10am CEST).

Participants are not expected to stay up 24 hours, but rather to participate in their own normal work hours.


Coordination over all will happen one the #opendaylight IRC channel on Freenode.

In order to facilitate collaboration that may require screen sharing or voice, there are five Webexes available for folks to use for collaboration. Since a Webex cannot last longer than 12 hours, there is a '1st Half' and '2nd Half' for each one:

Webex Name 1am-1pm PST 1pm-1am PST Current Topic
Singleton Singleton Sept 19 1st Half Singleton Sept 19 2nd Half
Memento Memento Sept 19 1st Half Memento Sept 19 2nd Half
Proxy Proxy Sept 19 1st Half Proxy Sept 19 2nd Half
Visitor Visitor Sept 19 1st Half Visitor Sept 19 2nd Half
Adapter Adapter Sept 19 1st Half Adapter Sept 19 2nd Half

Please update the "Current Topic" column as you grab a Webex for use, or finish using it so folks can see what's going on in each one.


As this vHackFest is themed around Continuous Integration Testing, that will be the primary focus (though folks are also welcome to collaborate on other things as well).

How to

The key things we need to accomplish for the Continuous Integration Testing vHackFest are, for each project participating in the Hydrogen Release:

  1. Setup a Jenkins Integration Job for your project for each project you depend on
    1. See Jenkins Integration Job Setup
  2. Write one or more Integration Tests for each project you depend on
    1. See Instructions on Writing Integration Tests and Instructions on Writing Northbound Integration Tests (many thanks to Kalvin Hom for the excellent documentation on these).


For each project in the Hydrogen Release, at least one person should sign up to Participate in the vHackFest

Project Dependent on Project(s) Name(s) (IRC: Handle) Hours of Participation (in PST please)
affinity yangtools, controller Suchi Raman (suchiraman), Katrina Lacurts 6:30 am+ PST
bgpcep yangtools Dana Kutenicsova (dkutenic) 1am-6am PST
controller yangtools Ed Warnicke (IRC: edwarnicke), Giovanni Meo (IRC: GiovanniMeo), Kalvin Hom (IRC: kahom) Ed: 11am-4pm PST,Gio:1am-10am PST, 1pm-3pm PST, Kalvin:10am - 6pm PST
defense4all Example Example Example
lispflowmapping Example Example Example
opendove networkconfig.neutron Ryan Moats (IRC: regXboi), John Buswell (IRC: odl-ibmjb) Ryan: 7am-9am, 10am-2pm PST, John: 7am-9am, 11am-2pm PST
openflowjava yangtools, sal-common-util Michal Polkorab (IRC: oflibMichal) 1am-7am PST
openflowplugin MD-SAL and OF Lib Prasanna Huddar(IRC: Prasanna), Michal Rehak (IRC: michal_rehak) Prasanna: 9am - 4pm PST, Michal: 1am - 7am PST
ovsdb Controller Evan Zeller (evanz) 1pm+ PST
snmp4sdn Controller Paiwei Wang (pwwang), Yi-Ling Hsieh (Christine) 8am-10am PST
vtn Controller Sarath (IRC: sarathbg) 5pm - 2am PST
yangtools Example Example Example

If you are able to talk others through stuck places in getting their Jenkins Integration Jobs going or writing their Integration tests, please list yourself below:

Name (IRC: Handle) Hours of Availability (in PST please)
Ed Warnicke (IRC: edwarnicke) 1am-4pm PST
Giovanni Meo (IRC: GiovanniMeo) 1am-10am PST, 1pm-3pm PST
Kalvin Hom (IRC: kahom) 10am - 6pm PST