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Integration/Test/S3P Facts

Project Creation Date: March 1st 2016
Lifecycle State: WorkGroup
Type: {{{type}}}
Primary Contact: Marcus Williams (marcus.williams@intel.com)
Project Lead: Marcus Williams (marcus.williams@intel.com)
IRC: freenode.net #opendaylight-integration
Mailing List: int/test/s3p topic of integration-dev
    Archives: integration-dev
Meetings: S3P (Scale, Security, Stability, Performance)
Task List: Trello
Repository: Gitweb
Jenkins: Jenkins
Gerrit Patches: Gerrit
Bugs: Bugzilla

Welcome to the Integration/test/S3P WorkGroup page.

Integration/test/S3P WorkGroup is not a standard project but a gathering of people across projects working on making OpenDaylight's Scale, Security, Stability and Performance (S3P) abilities known to those outside the ODL community, be they users or the industry.


The purpose of the Integration-Test-S3P Workgroup is to be a place of collaboration working to tell OpenDaylight's S3P story. The focus of this group will be creating the metrics, tests, documents, infrastructure and communication to tell this story effectively.


Very Nascent List of Active Contributors:

  • Marcus Williams (marcus.g.williams@gmail.com / IRC handle: mgkwill)
  • Jamo Luhrsen (jluhrsen@redhat.com / IRC handle: jamoluhrsen)
  • Daniel Farrell (dfarrell@redhat.com / IRC handle: dfarrell07)
  • Luis Gomez (ecelgp@gmail.com / IRC handle: LuisGomez)
  • Jan Medved (jmedved@cisco.com)
  • TBD...


Report Planning

Boron Performance Test Report Plan