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Project Ideas

Mentors, pleases submit your Project Proposal Ideas following the template below.
Interns, please review the Intern Project Guidelines before submitting your project proposals.

    • Not all all Mentor or Intern projects will be accepted as we have a limited number of Internships available.
    • General information regarding the application process, payment schedule and eligibility can be found at Linux Foundation Networking Wiki Internship Page. Technical questions about specific Internship projects should be addressed by the Project Mentor. General questions about the Internship Program can be addressed by Casey Cain.
    • Completed project Proposals should be sent to lfn-internship@linuxfoundation.org

Open Projects


  • Title: Provide a short but descriptive title of what the intern project is
  • Description: Provide at least two or three paragraphs describing the task. Include the problem/opportunity in need of effort, as well as a description of the task to fix the problem or realize the opportunity. If there is a probable implementation path... "this will need steps X, Y, and Z to be completed" please describe it. If part of the task is evaluating one or more potential implementation paths and selecting/executing on one of them, please describe the options and the potential paths to be explored.
  • Additional Information: Provide links to bugzilla entries, release-plan notes, and/or other web-references that would be helpful information to potential interns.
  • Desirable Skills: List both the skills needed and the tools to be used. ie. Java programing with working knowledge of OpenStack Neutron and the principals behind SDN, Openflow, and network overlays. Experience with mininet and wireshark will also be very helpful.
  • Expected Outcome: List the deliverable(s) (features/application(s)/report(s) etc.) expected
  • Difficultly: Easy/Medium/Hard
  • Mentors: John Doe <john.doe@notarealemailaddress.com>, Jane Smith <JSmith@alsonotarealaddress.com>
  • Additional Contacts: Identify the IRC channel(s) and mailing list(s) where potential interns can ask questions and further interact with members of OpenDaylight project they would be working with.

Infrastructure Optimization

  • Title: Data-driven cloud infrastructure cost reduction
  • Description: OpenDaylight runs massive Continuous Integration Testing infrastructure using tools like Jenkins and a public cloud provider. OpenDaylight's 2019 budget requires reducing our cloud infrastructure costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars, or by something like 20% of the current usage. To achieve this ambitious goal, we want to leverage a data-driven approach to identify what jobs are most ripe for optimizations. The intern will do data analytics using OpenDaylight's Bitergia data (number of job runs, duration, VM flavor), in conjunction with cloud hosting costs (cost per VM flavor per unit time). They will then work with the relevant OpenDaylight job-owning projects and the ODL Testing/RelEng community to disable jobs, reduce job frequency, or reduce the size of job VMs.
  • Additional Information:
  • Desirable Skills: Experience contributing to Open Source projects, working with Jenkins Jobs Builder, or working with Bitergia/similar.
  • Expected Outcome: Complete analysis of jobs to identify which are most costly. Use resulting data to reduce infra costs as much as possible.
  • Difficultly: Medium
  • Mentors: Jamo Luhrsen <jluhrsen@gmail.com>, Luis Gomez <ecelgp@gmail.com>
  • Additional Contacts: ODL Integration/Test community <integration-dev@lists.opendaylight.org>, IRC in #opendaylight-integration on Freenode

Docs Automation

  • Title: Documentation Automation
  • Description: OpenDaylight uses ReadTheDocs and Sphinx (https://docs.readthedocs.io/en/stable/intro/getting-started-with-sphinx.html) to generate technical documentation. Although most docs tasks are currently automated we are still missing some like automatic branching process for ODL projects every new release or generating ODL release notes from project's release notes. The intern will work in these and other automation tasks related with ODL docs if time allows.
  • Desirable Skills: Experience contributing to Open Source projects, working with Jenkins Jobs Builder, RTD and Sphinx, bash and python scripting.
  • Expected Outcome: Complete assigned docs automation tasks.
  • Difficultly: Medium
  • Mentors: Thanh Ha <zxiiro@gmail.com>, Luis Gomez <ecelgp@gmail.com>
  • Additional Contacts: ODL integration/Docs community <integration-dev@lists.opendaylight.org>, IRC in #opendaylight-integration on Freenode

Yang Models Publish

  • Title: Yang Models Publish
  • Description: OpenDaylight platform uses yang models to define application interfaces. This means every release we generate new and updated yang models that we would like to publish to the Yang repository at: https://github.com/YangModels/yang for anybody reference and consumption. The intern will learn the process for uploading yang models in the mentioned repository, will work with ODL community to collect the relevant models and will develop the required automation to publish the OpenDaylight models every release.
  • Additional Information:
  • Desirable Skills: Experience contributing to Open Source projects, working with Yang models, Jenkins Jobs Builder, bash and python scripting.
  • Expected Outcome: Yang models will be published to https://github.com/YangModels/yang every new release.
  • Difficultly: Medium
  • Mentors: Luis Gomez <ecelgp@gmail.com>, Robert Varga <nite@hq.sk>
  • Additional Contacts: ODL integration/RelEng community <integration-dev@lists.opendaylight.org>, IRC in #opendaylight-integration on Freenode

Optimizing Netvirt CSIT

  • Title: Optimizing Netvirt CSIT
  • Description: OpenDaylight netvirt project has several continuous integration tests, some of which takes almost 4 hours for a run. This project would help netvirt CSIT jobs to be optimized, by analyzing where the jobs are taking more time, and avoiding such bottlenecks. Also we would like to split the testcases in such a way that, we can have faster running smoke tests, and a follow up sanity.
  • Desirable Skills: Experience contributing to Open Source projects, working with robot framework, Jenkins Jobs Builder, bash and python scripting.
  • Expected Outcome: Reduce the netvirt CSIT job execution time by 50%.
  • Difficultly: Medium
  • Mentors: Faseela K <faseela.k@ericsson.com> Jaya Priyadarshini
  • Additional Contacts: IRC in #opendaylight-integration on Freenode

Revive DLUX

  • Title: Provide a refresh of DLUX
  • Description: DLUX has been dropped from OpenDaylight, but users keep asking about it. At the end of the days the problem of DLUX falls to three things:
    • keep it updated towards ODL platform
    • keep it updated with npm (or whatever web-based implementation is uses)
    • evolve it was the Web evolves

As it currently stands, we have dropped it because of item 2, which has caused item 1) to slide back. If we can create a point release, which targets latest-possible stable branch, we can provide DLUX-using users with a stable point of reference.

Stretch goals: 1) npm/bower are by no means a technical requirement -- so if there are better-maintainable alternatives, we should consider them 2) it seems packaging of resources and bundle creation could be unified, improving ergonomics and build performance

  • Desirable Skills: Basic maven -- edit pom.xml's, run basic build. NPM/JS knowledged: we are using npm plugin, bower, so any failures coming from there need to be fixed.
  • Expected Outcome: A service release on top of an actively-maintained release (i.e. Fluorine SR3, Neon SR1, Sodium GA) as of this writing.
  • Difficultly: Medium
  • Mentors: Robert Varga <nite@hq.sk>, Luis Gomez <ecelgp@gmail.com>
  • Additional Contacts: #opendaylight release@lists.opendaylight.org