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Mailing lists

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Mailing lists

There are mailing lists in the OpenDaylight Project. Mostly referenced on the ODL mailman page. This page describes only the main lists and their scope. For a full list, please visit the mailman page.

Project Management lists

  • TSC - OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee that oversees the general technical direction of the project
  • Documentation - OpenDaylight Documentation Workgroup
  • release - Discussion of release milestones and coordination. This is the list that we recommend to reach all Project Technical Leads. However, please do not overuse this list.
  • infrastructure - Discussions about the build architecture and pipeline

User-oriented lists

  • discuss - OpenDaylight cross project discussion and user support. Please also see Stackoverflow #OpenDaylight for User Support
  • opendaylight-announce - OpenDaylight Announcements (low volume)
  • security-announce - Security related announcements [low volume]
  • advisory-group - The Advisory Group has been established to assist and support ODL in its objectives by providing technical and strategic guidance to the ODL Technical Steering Committee and ODL Developers based on challenges of running a real-world network.

Developer-oriented lists

  • dev - OpenDaylight cross Development list covering all projects (very high traffic)
  • Each project has its own individual mailing list. For specific project mailing list, please refer to the ODL mailman page