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NOTE: This wiki is mostly targeted at OpenDaylight developers. If you are a user and/or just looking to build an application on top of OpenDaylight, you might find the official documentation more useful. It's available on the software download page.

Welcome to the OpenDaylight Developer Wiki

Deploying and using OpenDaylight

Getting involved

Release planning


You will need an OpenDaylight Account if you would like to contribute to this wiki or the components of the OpenDaylight Project. To access the account creation form, currently you need to click the colorful icon here.

This wiki contains all of the developer level information for the OpenDaylight Project. As components are being proposed for inclusion in the project and added to the software repository, we are adding the documentation for each component as it has been provided by the contributor. These contributions and their documentation are either in the project lifecycle state of "Bootstrap" or "Incubation" (as identified below). As the projects graduate from these early lifecycle states to more mature states, their associated wiki documentation will also become more mature and integrated.

Infrastructure Guides

Nexus proxy setup guide

Core Architectural Principles

Architectural Principles


Representation On The OpenDaylight Board Of Directors

Two committers from the OpenDaylight technical community are elected annually to the Board of Directors. Please see the Committer Members Board Representation page for more details.

The 2014 Committer Board Member Election has ended with Matthieu Lemay and Luis Gomez elected to represent the ODL committer members to the ODL Board of Directors.

Technical Collaborations

Developer Events

Work Streams, Committees & Meetings

Use Cases & User Stories Planning (Backlog)

Cross Project Collaborative Groups

Intern Projects


OpenDaylight Presentations People Have Done