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Network Virtualization Facts

Project Creation Date: April 7,2016
Lifecycle State: Mature
Type: App
Primary Contact: Abhinav Gupta <abhinav.gupta@ericsson.com>
Project Lead: Abhinav Gupta <abhinav.gupta@ericsson.com>

  • Vivekanandan Narasimhan <n.vivekanandan@ericsson.com>
  • Chetan Arakere Gowdru <chetan.arakere@altencalsoftlabs.com>
  • Abhinav Gupta <abhinav.gupta@ericsson.com>
  • Shashidhar Raja <shashidharr@altencalsoftlabs.com>
  • Manu B <manu.b@ericsson.com>
  • HANAMANTAGOUD V Kandagal <hanamantagoud.v.kandagal@ericsson.com>
  • Faseela K <k.faseela@gmail.com> #faseelak
  • Stephen Kitt <skitt@redhat.com> #skitt

Emeritus Committers:

  • Aswin Suryanarayanan <asuryana@redhat.com>
  • Sridhar Gaddam <sgaddam@redhat.com>
  • Sam Hague <shague86@gmail.com> #shague
  • Anil Vishnoi <vishnoianil@gmail.com> #vishnoianil or #avishnoi
  • Andre Fredette <anfredette@gmail.com> #afredette
  • Tali Ben-Meir <tali.ben-meir@hpe.com>
  • Flavio Fernandes <ffernand@redhat.com> #flaviof
  • Alon Kochba <alonko@hpe.com> #alonko
  • Kyle Mestery <mestery@mestery.com>
  • Ashwin Raveendran <ashw7n@gmail.com, aswinnair@gmail.com>
  • Brent Salisbury <brent.salisbury@gmail.com>
  • Dave Tucker <dave@dtucker.co.uk>
  • Madhu Venugopal <mavenugo@gmail.com>
  • Evan Zeller <evanrzeller@gmail.com>
  • Vishal Thapar <vthapar@redhat.com> #vthapar

IRC: freenode.net #opendaylight-ovsdb
Mailing List: netvirt-dev@lists.opendaylight.org
    Archives: mailing list archives

Repository: git clone https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/netvirt
Jenkins: jenkins silo
Gerrit Patches: code patches/reviews

NetVirt is a network virtualization solution that includes the following components as well as others: Open vSwitch based virtualization for software switches, Hardware VTEP for hardware switches, Service Function Chaining support within a virtualized environment, support for OVS and DPDK-accelerated OVS data paths, L3VPN (BGPVPN), EVPN, ELAN, distributed L2 and L3, NAT and Floating IPs, IPv6, Security Groups, MAC and IP learning.


NirvanaStack: NetVirt and VPP Integration

Release Planning

Release Planning Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Hydrogen Release Plan Release Review
Helium Planning Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Lithium Planning Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Beryllium Planning Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Boron Planning Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Carbon Planning Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Nitrogen Planning Release Plan Release Notes NA
Oxygen Planning Release Plan TBD NA

Getting Started with OpenDaylight Network Virtualization




Documentation, Presentations and Tutorials

List of all subpages

NetVirtNetVirt:Automation Test ResultsNetVirt:Boron Release Notes
NetVirt:Boron Release PlanNetVirt:Boron Release ReviewNetVirt:CSIT Automation Test Results
NetVirt:Carbon:Release NotesNetVirt:Carbon:Release PlanNetVirt:Carbon:Release Review
NetVirt:DocumentationNetVirt:Integration TestNetVirt:Meetings
NetVirt:Neutron RequirementsNetVirt:NirvanaStackNetVirt:Nitrogen:Release Plan
NetVirt:Oxygen:Release PlanNetVirt:PresentationsNetVirt:UsingVPNServiceNetvirt
NetVirt: L2Gateway HowToNetVirt: Multiple VLAN provider networks HowToNetVirt:nitrogen:Release Plan
OVSDB:Auto attach featureOVSDB:Beryllium System Test ReportOVSDB:CSIT
OVSDB:Continuous IntegrationOVSDB:Demo UpdatesOVSDB:Design
OVSDB:Developer GuideOVSDB:Getting StartedOVSDB:Hardware VTEP
OVSDB:Helium and Openstack on Fedora20OVSDB:Hwvtepsouthbound OverviewOVSDB:Installation Guide
OVSDB:Installation Guide HydrogenOVSDB:Integration TestingOVSDB:Lithium and Openstack on CentOS7
OVSDB:MDSAL SouthboundOVSDB:NorthboundOVSDB:OVSDB Library Developer Guide
OVSDB:OVSDB OpenStack GuideOVSDB:OpenStack on CentOS7OVSDB:Openstack Metadata
OVSDB:ProjectOVSDB:Release ReviewOVSDB:Running Tempest Tests
OVSDB:S3POVSDB:Sanity TestingOVSDB:Sanity Testing: Sanity Testing
OVSDB:Security GroupsOVSDB:Tempest Tests daily ResultsOVSDB:Testing
OVSDB:Testing with DockerOVSDB:Troubleshooting DevstackOVSDB:Troubleshooting SELinux Issues
OVSDB:Unit TestingOVSDB:UsageOVSDB:User Guide
OVSDB:dlux mininetOVSDB Integration/FeatureTrees/BerylliumOVSDB Integration:Design
OVSDB Integration:HWVTEP Schema supportOVSDB Integration:Helium Release NotesOVSDB Integration:Helium Release Review
OVSDB Integration:L3FwdOVSDB Integration:LBaaSOVSDB Integration:LoadBalancer
OVSDB Integration:MainOVSDB Integration:Mininet OVSDB TutorialOVSDB Integration:OVSDB NetVirt Mature Graduation Proposal
OVSDB Integration:OVSDB SB ReconciliationOVSDB Integration:PortSecurityOVSDB Integration:REST API
OVSDB Integration:Release PlanOVSDB Integration:TLS Communication