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NetVirt:Boron Release Plan



Release Deliverables

Name Description
Code quality, stability and usability Bug fixing, increase Sonar coverage, increase Tempest coverage
NetVirt updates OpenFlow optimizations, config migration
SFC integration SFC integration
Neutron Parity L3, SNAT, IPv6, Security Groups, Provider Networks, SR-IOV
Hardware VTEP hv_vtep southbound, NetVirt
Netvirt updates for QoS and Queue Add QoS and Queue support
Clustering/HA/Persistence Clustering/HA/Persistence
User Interface User Interface
DPDK Enhancements to support DPDK
IfMgr integration Interface Manager integration
Netvirt rearchitecture Netvirt rearchitecture
Scalability and performance Scalability and performance measurements and enhancement
VLAN Aware Vms VLAN Aware VMs
Transparent VLANs Transparent VLANs
CSIT and Tempest Improvements to CSIT and Tempest testing
MDSAL MDSAL optimizations
Netvirt project split Spin Netvirt into a separate project
Neutron Northbound Coordination Rework networking-odl configuration
UNIMgr integration UNI Manager integration

Release Milestones

Milestone Offset 2 Date Deliverables
M1 3/24/2016
Name Status Description
Intent to participate Done Intent to participate in Boron Simultaneous Release
Project Lead elected Done Project Lead election
Test Contact specified Done Test Contact announced
Candidate Release Plan Done Candidate Release Plan
M2 5/5/2016
Name Status Description
Final Release Plan WIP Final Release Plan
Project Checklist Done Project Checklist completed
OpenDaylight CI Done OpenDaylight CI infrastructure usage for system test
Project acknowledgement Done
M3 6/2/2016
Name Status Description
Functionality Freeze
Karaf Features Defined
Documentation Started
Feature Test Started
M4 6/30/2016
Name Status Description
API Freeze
Documentation word count
Maven Central Requirements
Feature Test Continues
M5 8/4/2016
Name Status Description
Code Freeze
Stability Branch Stability branch, must be cut and local project versions bumped on master to avoid overwriting SNAPSHOTS
String Freeze All externally visible strings frozen to allow for translation & documentation
Documentation Complete Only editing and and enhancing should take place after this point.
Integration & System Test
RC0 8/11/2016
Name Status
Release Candidate 0
RC1 8/18/2016
Name Status
Release Candidate 1
RC2 8/25/2016
Name Status
Release Candidate 2
RC3 9/1/2016
Name Status Description
Bugfix & more Bugfixing, samples
Release Review Release Review
Release Candidate 3
Blocking Bugs
Formal Release 9/8/2016
Name Status Description
Formal Release
Release patch Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions
SR1 Release
Name Status Description
Release patch Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions
SR2 Release
Name Status Description
Release patch Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions
SR3 Release
Name Status Description
Release patch Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions
SR4 Release
Name Status Description
Release patch Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions

Externally Consumable APIs

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects

Providing Project Deliverable Name Needed By Acknowledged? Description
controller features M3 No basic controller features
mdsal features M3 No mdsal features
neutron features M3 No neutron CRUD
odlparent features M3 No odlparent values
openflowplugin features M3 No flow programming and extensions
ovsdb features M3 No ovsdb southbound
SFC features M3 No sfc building
yangtools features M3 No yangtools for compiling yang

Expected Incompatibilities with Other Projects

NetVirt is considered incompatible with applications that program the flow tables on vSwitches. This includes:


These projects have not held discussions as to how to become compatible because they each provide their own solution to the same problem.

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Removed APIs and/or Functionality

Deprecated APIs and/or Functionality

Changed APIs and/or Functionality

Themes and Priorities

  • Increasing code, unit and integration test coverage to improve code quality, stability and usability
  • Neutron parity
  • SFC integration
  • Additional functionality to support QoS and Queue and hw vtep
  • Scalability and performance improvements
  • Project split
  • Netvirt rearchitecture

Requests from Other Projects

Active Requests


Test Tools Requirements

System Test

This project plans on using System Test (ST) inside OpenDaylight cloud:

Here is a wiki page presenting the CSIT jobs implemented in the integration/test project regarding some of those modules: OVSDB:CSIT

Unit Test

Integration Test

Cluster Test

End to end Test

With OpenStack/Devstack: