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NetVirt:Oxygen:Release Plan


NetVirt Project Wiki

Release Deliverables

Name Description
Code Quality Improvements Increase UT, IT and CSIT coverage
Code Quality Improvements Performance and Scale
High Availability High Availability
Dual Stack Dual Stack
QoS Updates QoS Updates
Containers Support the ODL CNI project
SFC Integration SFC Integration

Release Milestones

NetVirt follows the offset-2 schedule in Simultaneous_Release:Oxygen_Release_Plan#Schedule

Externally Consumable APIs

  • None

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects

Providing Project Deliverable Name Needed By Acknowledged? Description
controller features M3 No basic controller features
mdsal features M3 No mdsal features
neutron features M3 No neutron CRUD
odlparent features M3 No odlparent values
openflowplugin features M3 No flow programming and extensions
ovsdb features M3 No ovsdb southbound
SFC features M3 No sfc building
yangtools features M3 No yangtools for compiling yang
genius features M3 No ifmgr, idmanager, mdsalutils

Expected Incompatibilities with Other Projects

NetVirt is considered incompatible with applications that program the flow tables on vSwitches. This includes:

  • GBP
  • VTN

These projects have not held discussions as to how to become compatible because they each provide their own solution to the same problem.

Compatibility with Previous Releases

  • None intrinsic to distribution, projects delivered may have their own.

Themes and Priorities

  • Increasing code quality with increased UT, IT and CSIT coverage.
  • Increasing scalability, performance and high-availability

Requests from Other Projects


Test Tools Requirements