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Open Source Networking User Groups (OSNUG) Presenter Portal

OSNUGs are informal meetings intended to provide you with local opportunities to learn from ODL community experts and share knowledge with peers, wherever you are in the world. Leaders are responsible for coordinating and promoting meetings, including venues, frequency and content.

This page is designed for OSNUG Local Leaders to share organizational best practices, ideas and content.

How to start an OSNUG

If you are looking for information on what OSNUGs are or you're looking to start a new OSNUG, please email osnug@linuxfoundation.org.


These presentations are designed to be shared by OSNUG Leaders, Ambassadors and Local Experts with their communities.

You will need an OpenDaylight Account if you would like to contribute to this wiki If you need help sharing content on the wiki, please contact Casey Cain.

Presentation Name(link) Description Creator Date
Platform for Network-Driven Businesses Example Presentation Casey Cain 2016
Basic Enterprise Network Management (OpenFlow) Tutorial: Basic OpenFlow networking Inocybe 2017
Cloud Integration with OpenStack (OVSDB/NetVirt) Tutorial: Basic OpenDaylight integration with OpenStack Inocybe 2017
Traffic Engineering using Segment Routing (BGP/PCEP) Tutorial: Basic BGP/PCEP networking Inocybe 2017
Automation and Configuration Management (NETCONF) Tutorial: Basic NETCONF example Inocybe 2017

Local Experts Guide

The Local Experts Guide is a list of experts in the OpenDaylight community who have volunteered to make themselves available to speak at OSNUG Events If you are interested in volunteering, please enter your Name, Email, Areas of Expertise, and Home Location (City / Country). You can also enter your travel dates and times if you are willing to speak at locations away from home.

Click here to volunteer and to see the list of Local Experts!

Expenses and how to get Reimbursed

Local Leaders are allowed to expense food, drinks and entertainment for the meetups that they hold. Meetups are authorized $12.50 per person up to $250 (USD) dollars. To file an expense report please do the following:

Expenses can take up to 30 days to be reimbursed. If you do not get conformation that your request for reimbursement has been processed, please email Casey Cain

ODLUG Quarterly Meetings

April 10th, 2017 Meeting Recording (video)