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OVSDB Integration:Main

OVSDB Project Facts

Project Creation Date: July 18th, 2013
Lifecycle State: Mature
Type: Protocol
Primary Contact: Chetan Arakare <chetan.arakere@altencalsoftlabs.com>
Project Lead: Chetan Arakare <chetan.arakere@altencalsoftlabs.com>

  • Anil Vishnoi <vishnoianil@gmail.com> #vishnoianil or #avishnoi
  • Sam Hague <shague86@gmail.com> #shague
  • Stephen Kitt <skitt@redhat.com> #skitt
  • Suneelu Varma <k.v.suneelu.verma@ericsson.com>
  • Vishal Thapar <vthapar@redhat.com> #vthapar
  • Chetan Arakare <chetan.arakere@altencalsoftlabs.com>

Emeritus Committers:

  • Kyle Mestery <mestery@mestery.com>
  • Ashwin Raveendran <ashw7n@gmail.com, aswinnair@gmail.com>
  • Brent Salisbury <brent.salisbury@gmail.com>
  • Dave Tucker <dave@dtucker.co.uk>
  • Madhu Venugopal <mavenugo@gmail.com>
  • Evan Zeller <evanrzeller@gmail.com>
  • Flavio Fernandes <ffernand@redhat.com> #flaviof

IRC: freenode.net #opendaylight-ovsdb
Mailing List: ovsdb-dev@lists.opendaylight.org
    Archives: mailing list archives

Java Doc JavaDoc Jenkins link
Repository: git clone https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/ovsdb
Jenkins: jenkins silo
Gerrit Patches: code patches/reviews

The OVSDB project is a project for OpenDaylight that provides southbound plugin to manage OVS devices.

The OVSDB project comprises two major pieces of functionality:

  1. OVSDB Southbound Plugin : This plugins allows user to manage OVS device that that supports the OVSDB schema and supports the OVSDB management protocol.
  1. OVSDB Hardware vTep Plugin : This plugin handle the OVS device that supports the OVSDB Hardware vTep schema and supports the OVSDB management protocol.

Release Planning

Release Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Hydrogen Release Review
Helium Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Lithium Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Beryllium Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Boron Release Plan Release Notes Release Review
Carbon Release Plan
Nitrogen Release Plan
Oxygen Release Plan

OVSDB_Integration:OVSDB_NetVirt_Mature_Graduation_Proposal - OVSDB is approved as a Mature project in OpenDaylight Boron Cycle

Boron Feature Sub-Pages

Beryllium Feature Sub-Pages

Getting Started with OpenDaylight OVSDB Plugin

Below are great links for understanding the OVSDB project. The first link is a tutorial describing the project, it's goals, features and architecture. The next link is a Youtube presentation covering the slides and demos. The demo links are to virtualBox OVA files that contain everything you need to easily bring up a two node OpenStack and OpenDaylight deployment - simply import the OVA and fire them up. The slides also describe how to use the OVA, run the demo and how to debug. The allinone links install and start OpenDaylight automatically. The external link uses OpenDaylight externally on the host and assumes ODL is reachable at

Note If VirtualBox complains about the fourth VM Network Adapter when you start the OVA image then go into the settings for the VM, select Network->Adapter 4->Advanced. Change the Adapter Type from Paravirtualized Network (virtio-net) to the type just above it. VB under Windows sometimes has issues with the fourth Network Adapter.

Note If you want to update to a later OpenStack or OpenDaylight release that what is already packaged in the OVS images above use the following link for notes on things to look for Demo Updates.

We are still in development adding new features all the time. We can use any contributions from developers to network persons, or anyone in between. Required are all contributions from upstream code to docs and tutorials. Take a look at the Getting Started links and jump on #opendaylight-ovsdb on irc.freenode.net and start hacking!

Helpful links

List of all subpages

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NetVirt:Boron Release PlanNetVirt:Boron Release ReviewNetVirt:CSIT Automation Test Results
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NetVirt:DocumentationNetVirt:Integration TestNetVirt:Meetings
NetVirt:Neutron RequirementsNetVirt:NirvanaStackNetVirt:Nitrogen:Release Plan
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NetVirt: L2Gateway HowToNetVirt: Multiple VLAN provider networks HowToNetVirt:nitrogen:Release Plan
OVSDB:Auto attach featureOVSDB:Beryllium System Test ReportOVSDB:CSIT
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