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OpenDaylight Advisory Group:Main


The Advisory Group has been established to assist and support ODL in its objectives by providing technical and strategic guidance to the ODL Technical Steering Committee and ODL Developers based on challenges of running a real-world network. Current OpenDaylight Advisors can be found here.

Summary of Responsibilities

The Advisory Group is to provide advice, feedback and guidance to the OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee as requested regarding:

  • ODL priorities regarding features, packaging and deployment prioritization, or Architecture;
  • ODL’s strategic roadmap;
  • Typical enterprise or service provider architectures and constraints; and SDN and NFV use cases.

Additionally members of the group may:

  • Represent the non-confidential views of the Advisor and the broader user community
  • Represent the Advisor’s region and business industry
  • Participate in demonstrations
  • Provide project testing environment, test cases, and/or Proof of Concepts
  • Assist in the recruitment of new Advisors, supporters and other ODL participants
  • Participate in special projects of interest to the BoD and/or TSC


  • Unless otherwise noted, ad-hoc meetings are held at 8:00am Pacific Time, 11:00am Eastern Time, on the third Thursday of each month.
  • Meetings are announced on the OpenDaylight Advisory Group mailing list.

Current Action Items

Next Meeting

  • No meeting is currently scheduled.


  • No agenda has been proposed.

Meeting Minutes

  • April 19th, 2018
    • Open discussion regarding the Linux Foundation Networking End User Advisory Group (LFN EUAG)
      • ODL AG calls moving to an ad-hoc basis as a reflection of the current end user community interest.
      • Topic suggestions are still welcome, as is open discussion on the ODL AG mailing list.
      • Will open up participation to other LFN EUAG members (by advertising topics on LFN EUAG mailing list).
      • Should ODL specific topics arise in LFN EUAG sessions, we will suggest ODL AG as a venue to continue that discussion.


The role of the Advisory Group is purely advisory in nature, and shall not in any way bind ODL, the BoD, any committee of ODL, or any member of any of ODL (each a “Member”). Likewise, the Advisory Group members (each an “Advisor”) shall not be bound to any obligations to ODL other than abiding by the policies of ODL.