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OpenDaylight Controller:MD-SAL:Test Application

Changeset https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/10901/ introduces models and application specifically crafted only for MD-SAL benchmarking and testing purposes.

Application itself is MD-SAL application which uses both Binding-Aware and Binding-Independent APIs.

Building & Installing


You need to checkout patchset (if application is still not part of the master) and build it locally.

You need to build only sal-test-model and sal-test-app

    mvn clean install -pl :sal-test-model,:sal-test-app

This will built only test application, builded JAR files for controller are located in





You need to copy builded jars into your opendaylight/plugins folder and start controller.

Executing tests

MD-SAL Data Broker Benchmark test

Application comes with bundled parameterized benchmark test for MD-SAL Data Broker. It is possible to test Binding Data Broker or DOM Data Broker performance.

Collected statistics:

  • data-construction - How long it took for application to construct one DTO
  • write-to-transaction - Duration statitics of invoking one write on transaction
  • transaction-construction - Duration statistics for constructing one bulked transaction
  • successful-commits - Duration statistics for user visible duration of commit (since application invoked submit and got successful future callback for submit).
  • failed-commits - DUration statistics for user visible duration of commit (since application invoked submit and got failed future callback for submit).

Invoking test suite via Restconf

Test suite is normal MD-SAL application and is available via all MD-SAL APIs, for user based testing we encourage using Postman and Restconf.

   Content-Type: application/json
   Accept-Type: application/json
       "outer-list-items": 10,
       "inner-list-items": 10,


  • data-format - Data format (APIs) which should be used. Valid values are:
  • opendaylight-mdsal-test-base:binding-v1 - Binding Broker APIs
  • opendaylight-mdsal-test-base:normalized-node - DOM (Normalized Node) APIs
  • write-operation - Type of write operation to be used. Valid ones are PUT or MERGE.
  • outer-list-items - Number of list items, which should be written, this items are written to one top level list.
  • inner-list-items - Inner list items, each outer list item contains specified number of inner list items here.
  • outer-writes-per-transaction - Number of outer list items, which should be written in bulk in one transaction.

Once you submit request you will get back RPC result when test completed with statistics as described in previous section.