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OpenDaylight Controller:REST Reference and Authentication

This content covers the less-maintained AD-SAL portion of OpenDaylight. Information here should be taken with that in mind. For relevant information on the more current MD-SAL see: list of RESTCONF Northbound APIs and RESTCONF API Explorer documentation.

Guide Contents
OpenDaylight Controller Overview
Architectural Framework
Development Infrastructure Overview
Pulling, Hacking, and Pushing the Code from the CLI
Pulling, Hacking, and Pushing the Code from Eclipse
Sample Applications
Library Descriptions
REST Reference and Authentication
Java API Reference
Top Level Contents

REST Reference

You can locate the REST API reference information for each of the modules by navigating to the northbound module directories in your installation. The OpenDaylight Controller REST API contains the following modules. The associated module directory for the API reference content is listed:

In each case you will find the detailed information about the module's REST resources and their verbs (description, URI, parameters, responses, and status codes), schemas, example XML, example JSON, as well as programming examples.

REST Authentication

The OpenDaylight Controller provides HTTP Digest authentication for Local users created on the Controller. The Local user creation can only be done via the web graphical user interface and these users can be given authorization to handle one or more slices. The username/password created for an individual user on the web graphical user interface can be used over the REST API to access relevant resources.

HTTPS support is available as of March, 2013, and the controller REST APIs will migrate from HTTP Digest mechanism to HTTP Basic.

Current REST Convention

  • Please refer to : Current Convention for a detailed discussion on the Current Convention that is being used and the proposed alternatives.
  • Also, we have a discussion scheduled on 11/07. Webex details in the above URL.