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OpenDaylight DLUX:Beryllium:Release Notes

Major Features

  • odl-dlux-core
    • User can now have their own translation file within their module
    • Simplify the API to create AngularJs components. (Old API still supported)
    • Core cleanup

Target Environment

For Execution

  • Require Java 7 or 8 environment.
  • Known to work with:
    • Firefox 42
    • Chrome 38
    • Safari 8
  • Not tested with:
    • IE 8-11
    • Microseft Edge (Good support of new web technologies, so it might works)

For Development

Basic developmet

  • Require Java 7 or 8 environment. (Maven will fetch all dependencies)

Advanced development

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Particular known bugs and workarounds.
    • Bug 3969 - ODL-UI hangs for a mininet topology with or above 800 nodes in Lithium
      • No workarounds for now
    • Bug 4631 - HTTP Authentication dialog on login failed
      • No workarounds for now
    • Bug 4701 - Need logout button
      • There is no user management in DLUX and every page are accessible for everyone user who have access to RestConf. For the logout button, closing the browser do the job because the cache is not persistent.
  • Testing methodology. How extensive was it? What should be expected to work? What hasn't been tested as much?
    • Test coverage is the same has Lithium

Changes Since Previous Releases

Bugs Fixed in this Release

  • Bug 4799 YangUI - escape "/" in keys in URL
  • BUG-2625 Do not override jacoco version

Migration from Previous Releases

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Fully compatible with Lithium Release

Deprecated, End of Lifed, and/or Retired Features/APIs

  • AngularAMD have been removed. For backward compatibility, an alias has been added in Beryllium to support Lithium modules.
 Use angular instead combined with the new way to load AngularJs components link here
  • The method addControllerUrl from NavHelper, TopBarHelper and ContentHelper is depricated and will be removed in a future release. (The same is applied for their Provider implementations)
 Become useless with the new way of loading AngularJs components link here