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OpenDaylight DLUX:Boron:Release Notes

Major Features

  • odl-dlux-core
  • odl-dlux-node
  • odl-dlux-yangui
  • odl-dlux-yangvisualizer

Target Environment

For Execution

Require Java 8 environment. Known to work with:

* Firefox 42
* Chrome 38
* Safari 8

For Development

Basic developmet Require Java 7 or 8 environment. (Maven will fetch all dependencies)

Advanced development

* AngularJS (JavaScript client-side framework, http://www.angularjs.org)
* Karma (JavaScript Test Runner, http://karma-runner.github.io/)
* RequireJS (Javascript client-side framework, http://requirejs.org/)
* Blueprint (To configure new DLUX application, http://aries.apache.org/modules/blueprint.html)

Known Issues and Limitations

No change from Berrylium

Changes Since Previous Releases

new experimental feature odl-dlux-yangman

Bugs Fixed in this Release


Migration from Previous Releases


Compatibility with Previous Releases

Yes, compatible with previous releases.

Deprecated, End of Lifed, and/or Retired Features/APIs