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OpenDaylight DLUX:Boron Release Review

Project Name



Non-Code Aspects (user docs, examples, tutorials, articles)

For documentation, please provide the asciidocs url for each document if applicable. You can also optionally provide the wiki page link, but official documentation must be integrated into asciidocs. Please provide links to:

Architectural Issues

The current way of loading JavaScript is done by fetching every files. This process was initially taught to be able to lazy load the files and gain performance. With external modules with a lot of files inter dependent, this architectural choice does the opposite. Loading every file tie up the network and create a lot of DOM manipulation. The end result is more and more modules appended to DLUX, more and more heavier it feel.

Security Considerations

  • DLUX use controller provided authentication. If Restconf does not have authentication enabled, user can access DLUX ui without any checks.

Quality Assurance (test coverage, etc)

DLUX has internal unit tests includes in the build toolchain. If a unit test is failed, the build will also failed.It could be possible to run those unit tests with maven with a recent version of frontend-maven-plugin.

It's not possible right now to have an idea of the test coverage. In sonar.

End-of-life (API/Features EOLed in Release)


Bugzilla (summary of bug situation)

Nothing really change from Lithium to Beryllium, so the bug list is mostly the same has Lithium.

Standards (summary of standard compliance)

Schedule (initial schedule and changes over the release cycle)