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OpenDaylight OVSDB:Boron Release Notes

Major Features

Boron release is the fifth release of the OVSDB project. Main focus for this release was to provide the features and improvement that is expected from any production level device plugin. Following are the few main feature that OVSDB project delivered in it's Boron release

Release Deliverables

  • Performance and scalability improvements
  • Migrated from Config Subsystem to Blueprints. It will help with the upgrade of the plugin from Beryllium to Boron.
  • Reconciliation of user stored configuration on switch disconnection or controller reboot.
  • Improvement in device connection management
  • Docker based integration system environment
  • Support for auto attach table and ifindex (Interface table)
  • Support for Interface Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD).
  • Improvement in OVSDB Qos and Queue support
  • Code quality, stability and usability
  • Logging improvements

Target Environment

For Execution

Same as the usual JRE requirements for OpenDaylight (JDK 1.8)

For Development

Same as the usual JDK and Maven requirements for OpenDaylight (JDK 1.8, Maven 3.3.9)

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Hardware Vtep currently don't support full reconciliation. It only support connection reconciliation only.
  • Support for auto attach table is currently experimental.

Changes Since Previous Releases

There is no change in the existing API's from Beryllium release. There are additional APIs added to support new features Auto-Attach : https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/33860/13/southbound/southbound-api/src/main/yang/ovsdb.yang Ifindex (Interface table) : https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/39801/10/southbound/southbound-api/src/main/yang/ovsdb.yang Interface BFD : https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/36062/2/southbound/southbound-api/src/main/yang/ovsdb.yang Qos Improvements : https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/36772/11/southbound/southbound-api/src/main/yang/ovsdb.yang

Bugs Fixed in this Release

6505 	blueprint managed-property is not reading the .cfg file during the reboot.
6472 	JsonRpcEndpoint Reaper Thread's daemon property is not set\n
6475 	A tons of unnecessary read operations in the switch update processing control flow
6463 	Monitoring _version column on the ovsdb table is generating huge updates from switch.
6454 	ProcUtils stdout should be grouped together
6332 	Conflicting modification for path ... topology-id=ovsdb:1
5951 	Termination point config reconciliation
6352 	[SR3] RPC timeout in JsonRPCEndpoint is not configurable
6284 	Cancelation exceptions
6304 	Regression in Connection reconciliation functionality
6185 	southbound system tests failing when run with all other compatible OpenDaylight features.
6136 	Southbound plugin throws IllegalStateException when add bridge config via POST
6157 	potential memory leak in JsonRpcEndpoint
6130 	Creates and updates to QoS and Queue entries processed incorrectly
4790 	'ifindex' column from Interface table on OVS
5945 	OVS and ietf interface holds tunnel information even after ITM is deleted via REST.
5746 	Enhance QoS in OVSDB southbound plugin
6103 	Cannot create QOS entry when OVS instance is the connection initiator
5178 	ovs node removed from operational after partitioned from network and a config is made
5721 	br-int not created in clustered setup
5976 	thread leak when connecting/disconnecting ovs nodes in a loop
5992 	GBP + SFC integration is broken
2714 	OVSDB needs to be more proactive in reporting errors with underlying OVS instances
5944 	Looping INFO messages for UNSUPPORTED AutoAttach OVS
5885 	Updates to OVSDB node fail on passively connected nodes
5769 	unable to connect ovs to plugin
5506 	OVSDB server doesn't close connection after peer is power down
5479 	OVSDB HWVtep Southbound doesn't retry connection
5737 	Enable Maven site support
5177 	bridge not created if it's configured northbound while ovs node is disconnected
5764 	Hwvtep tunnel updates and deletes sporadically fail to reflect in Operational DataStore
5876 	Connection listener get notified before SSL handshake is done
5174 	Enhancement: Implement AutoAttach Table
5542 	Southbound plugin doesn't allow controller initiated re-connection
5809 	OVSDB Distribution Test Failures Beryllium SR2
5245 	Inconsistent behaviour for sudo ovs-vsctl show
4644 	Termination Point (Gre Interface) not getting removed from the switch.
5556 	plugin is not able to delete local mcast mac entry from operational ds
5651 	southbound-impl failed to find utils.yang-utils in Boron
5221 	passive connection not reconnected if ovs service is restarted
4996 	Wrong flows when using SFC coexistence
5648 	QoS and Queues not removed from operational after delete when using OVS 2.5 docker image
5549 	HWVTEP exception when connecting to older devices
5514 	Mcast entries not added correctly
5480 	ovsdb southbound does not support configuring bfd parameters
5477 	CandidateAlreadyRegisteredException in Cluster environment
5392 	Configuring HwVTEP Tunnel Table BFD Parameters from northbound is not persisted on the switch
5399 	Populating tunnels list in physical switch table is not updating topology operational DS
5008 	QoS and Queue fixes for ovsdb southbound

Migration from Previous Releases

OpenStack Network Virtualization (widely known as 'NetVirt') was part of the OVSDB project prior to the Boron release. Given it's wider scope, this functionality was moved to it's own new project (named 'netvirt'). For more details about this migration, please refer to the netvirt projects page.

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Yes, compatible with previous releases.

Deprecated, End of Lifed, and/or Retired Features/APIs

  • Old OVSDB QoS and Queue models were deprecated in the Boron release and new models were introduced. This yang file contains details of the deprecated model (look for 'status deprecated') and newly introduced models as well.