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OpenDaylight OVSDB:Lithium Integration Test


Code Name


  • odl-ovsdb-library
  • odl-ovsdb-plugin
  • odl-ovsdb-northbound
  • odl-ovsdb-compatibility-layer
  • odl-ovsdb-openstack


  • odl-ovsdb-southbound-api
  • odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl
  • odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-rest
  • odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-ui





Upstream Dependencies

Ovsdb: odl-adsal-core odl-adsal-northbound odl-openflowplugin-flow-services odl-openflowplugin-nsf-services odl-openflowplugin-nxm-extensions odl-openflowplugin-southbound odl-neutron-service

Southbound: odl-mdsal-broker odl-mdsal-apidocs odl-mdsal-xsql odl-restconf

Downstream Dependents

sfc vtn


These 2 ovsdb features cannot be installed at the same time: odl-ovsdb-plugin and odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl that is so, because they will instantiate their own ovsdb-library, which listens on port 6640 (by default).

When odl-ovsdb-openstack is used, it assumes no other application in odl is managing network-virt. In other words, it is assumed that if ovsdb is using odl-neutron-service, no other feature in odl is providing the same net-virt service.

Network Intrusiveness

By default, ovsdb library will listen on port 6640.

Recommended Karaf features

- For net-virt: odl-ovsdb-openstack - For northbound: odl-ovsdb-northbound - For using legacy (ad-sal) api: odl-ovsdb-compatibility-layer

- For southbound: odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl - Same, with rest interface: odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-rest - Same, with rest and ui/xsql: odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-ui

How to test

In this section, provide details about:

- For deploying OVSDB with Openstack:

 - Vagrant to bring up openstack and tempest
 Details on running tempest tests 
 - Vagrant to bring up multi-openstack nodes and connect to odl via ml2
 More info on deploying Openstack with ODL
 - jjb in opendaylight that tests ovsdb against various versions of OVS
 - jjb used as ci for openstack project, as well as networking-odl plugin
 - Daniel F is working with Luis to leverage test harness being used for testing ODL/ovsdb for ONF. ***TODO: add more info here***

Performance/Scalability Concerns

In this section, provide any concerns related to performance and scalability