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OpenDaylight OVSDB:Oxygen Release Plan


OVSDB Project Wiki

Release Deliverables

Name Description
Code quality, stability and usability Bug fixing, increase Sonar coverage, increase Tempest coverage
Guava API Migration Migrate from deprecated guava future APIs
Migrate to MDSAL EOS EOS API's are move to mdsal projects. Project need to use the moved APIs.
Participate in Infra-Util Service Monitoring Infra-util project implemented Service Startup/Monitoring framework. It's good to leverage the framework for providing a deterministic start/status of the OVSDB features startup.
HwVTEP Alarms Expose HwVTEP device alarms to the controller.
Scalability and performance Scalability and performance measurements and enhancement
CSIT Improvements to CSIT to cover all the features supported by OVSDB and Hardware vTep
Documentation Add more documentation to the local documentation structure created in OVSDB project

Release Milestones

  • Offset: 1

Milestone Offset 1 Date Deliverables
M0 9/7/2017
Name Description
Release Plan Candidate Release Plan
M1 10/14/2017
Name Description
Release Plan Final Release Plan
M2 11/14/2017
Name Description
Feature Freeze
M3 12/14/2017
Name Description
API Freeze
M4 1/14/2018
Name Description
Code Freeze
RC0 - RC3 2/7/2018 - 2/28/2018
Name Description
Candidate Stable Distribution A running candidate of what is attempting to be the stable distribution to be blessed by the TSC.
Extension Distribution A running candidate of what is attempting to be the extension distribution.
Release Review 2/21/2018 - 2/28/2018 Review of project's release readiness
Formal Release 3/7/2018 Formal Release of Oxygen

Externally Consumable APIs

Artifact Status Description
OVSDB Southbound Stable MD-SAL OVSDB crud operations
Hardware VTEP Southbound Stable MD-SAL Hardware VTEP crud operations

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects

Providing Project Deliverable Name Needed By Acknowledged? Description
controller features M3 Implicit Acknowledgement basic controller features
mdsal features M3 Implicit Acknowledgement mdsal features
odlparent features M3 Implicit Acknowledgement odlparent values
yangtools features M3 Implicit Acknowledgement yangtools for compiling yang

Expected Incompatibilities with Other Projects


Compatibility with Previous Releases

Both the plugings (OVSDB and Hardware VTEP) will be compatible with previous release.

Themes and Priorities

Stability, Performance and Documentation

Requests from Other Projects


Test Tools Requirements