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OpenDaylight dlux:Lithium Release Notes

Major Features

  • Modular platform: A new UI application can be added to DLUX as a new Karaf Feature, without updating DLUX code.
  • Yang Visualizer & Yang UI
  • MD-SAL Topology visualizer.
  • MD-SAL Inventory details along with statistics.

Target Environment

For Execution

JRE7 for execution, as per the general Opendaylight Lithium release.

For Development

Known Issues and Limitations

  • DLUX use AAA basic authentication only. There is no user management as of now.

Migration and Compatibility

With the introduction of modularity, an application module written on Helium release will need to write a blueprint based Karaf bundle as well to make older code work. All the changes will happen in configuration and how Karaf loads the application. There won't be any code change in application.

Follow this wiki link to understand how to add a new application bundle.