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OpenDaylight dlux:Lithium Release Plan


Release Deliverables

Name Description
Modularity We will be reviewing the current modularity structure in order to provide proper project-provided extensions to the core JS framework
AD-SAL Pages removal Remove AD-SAL related pages from the DLUX core.
Topology Framework Topologies will be made central to the DLUX User interface, most add-ons / features will be around topology unless required otherwise
Topology Extension Points Provide extended actions similar to context menu extensions based on Topology nodes and types available for said node.
Enhanced Visualization Provide 3D-based visualization to show structures and plan for multi-layered and multi-topology management in 3D

Release Milestones

  • Offset: 1
Milestone Offset 1 Date Deliverables
M1 12/18/2014
Name Status Description
Intent to participate Done Intent to participate in Lithium Simultaneous Release
Project Lead elected Done DLUX Project Lead election
Test Contact specified Done DLUX Test Contact announce
Candidate Release Plan Done Candidate Release Plan
M2 1/29/2015
Name Status Description
Release Plan Done Final Release Plan
Project Checklist Done Project Checklist completed
OpenDaylight CI Done OpenDaylight CI infrastructure usage for system test
M3 3/05/2015
Name Status Description
Feature Freeze Done
Topology Framework Done Review the Topology code to create a framework which will be the core of DLUX
Modularity Done Provide proper Server-side modularity for projects to contribute to DLUX angularJS modules
M4 4/02/2015
Name Status Description
Topology Extensions Done Provide extensions points in the Topology Framework to add functional behavior on nodes, links and layers
Enhanced Visualization Done Provide a good looking 3D Layered View for Topologies
API Freeze Done
M5 4/30/2015
Name Status Description
Code Freeze
Deliverable Name Deliverable Description
Name Status
Release Candidate 0
Name Status
Release Candidate 1
Name Status
Release Candidate 2
Name Status Description
Bugfix & more Bugfixing, performance improvement and other necessary / desired changes
Release Review Release Review
Release Candidate 3
Formal Release N/A
Name Status Description
Formal Lithium Release
DLUX Feature Bundles Delivery of new features inside DLUX
Release patch Release patch to the stable/lithium branch and bump versions

Externally Consumable APIs

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects

Expected Incompatibilities with Other Projects


Compatibility with Previous Releases

Themes and Priorities

Requests from Other Projects

  • AAA: Let's discuss how dlux can support token-based auth (rather than basic auth) for Authentication. This is more secure, performant and support federation.