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OpenDaylight dlux:Oxygen Release Plan

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GUI using AngularJS as the main technology for client side MVW (Model View Whatever).

Release Deliverables

Name Description Comment
Replace Bower with NPM The main deliverable. Remove one source of DLUX build errors.
Clean codebase The main deliverable. Remove unnecessary code after DluxApps split
Maintenance The main deliverable. Fix errors caused with Dlux split.

Release Milestones

  • Offset: 1
Milestone Offset 1 Date Deliverables
M0 09/14/2017
Name Description
Release Plan Candidate Release Plan
M1 10/14/2017
Name Description
Release Plan Final Release Plan
M2 11/14/2017
Name Description
Feature Freeze
M3 12/14/2017
Name Description
API Freeze
M4 1/14/2018
Name Description
Code Freeze
RC0 - RC3 2/7/2018 - 2/28/2018
Name Description
Candidate Stable Distribution A running candidate of what is attempting to be the stable distribution to be blessed by the TSC.
Extension Distribution A running candidate of what is attempting to be the extension distribution.
Release Review 2/21/2018 - 2/28/2018 Review of project's release readiness
Formal Release 3/7/2018 Formal Release of Oxygen

Externally Consumable APIs

  • None

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects

  • Restconf

Expected Incompatibilities with Other Projects


Compatibility with Previous Releases

  • None intrinsic to distribution, projects delivered may have their own.

Themes and Priorities


Requests from Other Projects


Test Tools Requirements