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OpenDaylight dlux:Release Plan Helium


Opendaylight dlux is a new UI for controller using AngularJS as base front end technology. It will be a more interactive UI, mostly based on the client side technologies, provide a replacement of existing UI of the controller. Existing controller UI might be deprecated. Controller will only expose APIs to be consumed by UI or other applications. It will help controller to be become leaner and concise. New UI will mostly consume MD-SAL based RESTConf APIs.

Release Deliverables

Name Description
Replacement of existing UI An external project to controller, that delivers all the functionality of existing controller UI

Release Milestones

Milestone Offset 0 Date Deliverables
M1 5/12/2014
Name Description
Release Plan Candidate Release Plan
layout of code structure The layout of code should be available to write application modules.
Identify MD-SAL RESTConf APIs Identify all the required MD-SAL APIs, that will used by application to interact with controller.
M2 6/09/2014
Name Status Description
Release Plan DONE Final Release Plan
New CSS and application design DONE All the CSS for new UI and application design should be complete and working.
Topology UI DONE Integrate d3js, show basic topology with zoom on static data.
Nodes UI DONE Listing of nodes in UI with details of nodes
M3 7/07/2014
Name Status Description
Topology UI DONE Integrate with MD SAL REST api api and format the json where necessary for visjs to visualize the dynamic json input.
Flow UI DONE User should be able to add, remove flows and listing of flow node mapping UI should be available with search functionality.
Flow Details UI DONE User should be able to see flow details on click of selected flow.
Statistics UI DONE User should be able to see all statistics just like existing UI.
M4 8/04/2014
Name Status Description
Modular UI DONE Any new component can be added to dlux without any changes in dlux
M5 9/1/2014
Name Status Description
Host integration to topology DONE Have l2switch host argumentation parsed and displayed in topology
basic authentication DONE Use AAA project's basic authentication
Code Freeze DONE
RC0 9/9/2014
Name Description
RC1 9/15/2014
Name Description
RC2 9/22/2014
Name Description
Release Review
Formal Release 9/29/2014
Name Description
Working UI for controller in separate repository We should be able to deprecate existing UI of controller and clean controller repo.

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects

Compatibility with Previous Releases

This project will provide next generation of UI based on MD-SAL, outside the existing controller repository. That will help to trim the controller code. It should provide all the functionality of existing UI, so user will not see any missing functionality.

Themes and Priorities

1. Javascript based single page application.
2. An external application to controller.
3. Interaction with controller using REST API only.