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Project Proposals:Dlux


dlux - openDayLight UX

  • pronounced as Deluxe
  • formerly known as vieux

Repo Name

Dlux Repository

For the getting started guide please see OpenDaylight Dlux Getting Started


A new UI using AngularJS as the main technology for client side MVW (Model View Whatever).

3rd party libraries with license overview

  • AngularJS is the main Application framework- MIT License
  • Restangular module for AngularJS for REST - MIT License
  • AngularJS - UI Router provides "states" and "routing" for the application - MIT License
  • AngularJS - UI Select2 - Provides AngularJS directives for the select2 library - MIT License
  • Select2 - For making pretty selects - MIT License
  • Select2 Bootstrap CSS - Fixes Select2 CSS to work nicely with Bootstrap3 - MIT License
  • D3 JS - For graphs, topology etc - BSD License
  • Underscore and Underscore String - Diverse utilities - MIT License
  • Bootstrap for styles and so on - Apache License

API dependencies:

The new UI will only consume NB API's and some external components like Jolokia for JMX parts which is not exposed directly under the NBAPI used for Diagnostics of the controller directly in the Application.


Provide a replacement or more interactive UI application for consumers / users of the controller that can be totally decouple from anything else then a web-server.

Might affect:

  • Existing UI may be deprecated or put outside the controller.
  • controller itself could become totally standalone from any UI parts and just exposing the different API's needed to be consumed by any UI / UX application like dlux or any other alike.

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

  • Endre Karlson <endre.karlson@gmail.com>
  • Madhu Venugopal <mavenugo@gmail.com>

Initial Committers

  • Endre Karlson <endre.karlson@gmail.com>
  • Madhu Venugopal <mavenugo@gmail.com>
  • Andrew Kim <andrekim@cisco.com>
  • Lakshmi Balasubramanya <violinlakshmi@gmail.com>

Vendor Neutral

The project is made from scratch, no vendor code, logos nor anything is included.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)

Inbound Code Review is complete with no issues. (Oct. 10th, 2013)