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Dlux Apps

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Project Proposal slides: File:DluxApps Split Project Proposal.pptx

Dlux is UI built with Angular JS and few other libraries. It consists of two main logical parts - Core and Applications.


Core is a framework providing basic functionality such as navigation, authentication, etc.

Applications are built on top of the Core. These applications are not belonging to any particular project, like GBP UI or SFC UI, which are residing in their own repositories with backend code.

Now we have hosting these applications in the Dlux project:

  • YangUI - simple UI for interaction with Controller. Based on Yang models, renders a form, so user can read/write data without knowledge of models.
  • Yangman - advanced and more user friendly YangUI replacement.
  • Yang Visualizer - provides visualization of Yang models in graph
  • Node - very simple Inventory node manager
  • Topology - very simple OpenFlow topology visualizer

Reasons for Project Split

Active commiters in Dlux project contributed only to Core functionality and don't have the knowledge of Applications. They can review code only from code style perspective, but not from the perspective of functionality. Splitting the project into two parts, introducing new commiters with knowledge of current applications we can speed up the review process and avoid complications like we had during Boron release.

New project will be in same offset like Dlux - Offset 1 and will share mailing list (dlux-dev@lists.opendaylight.org) and weekly meeting.


  • Home for UI Applications with broader domain than one project (f.e. topology visualization)
  • Simple UI for data manipulation in controller
  • Set of tools which can be used in other Dlux based Applications

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

  • Daniel Kuzma <daniel.kuzma@webcreation.sk>
  • Daniel Malachovsky <dmalacho@cisco.com>
  • Dasa Simkova <dsimkova@cisco.com>
  • Juraj Sebin <sebin.juraj@gmail.com>
  • Lubomir Balogh <lubalogh@cisco.com>
  • Maxime Millette-Coulombe <mmcoulombe@inocybe.com>
  • Michal Kovacik <mikovaci@cisco.com>
  • Stanislav Jamrich <sjamrich@cisco.com>

Initial Committers

  • Daniel Kuzma, Gerrit ID: dakuzma, <daniel.kuzma@webcreation.sk>
  • Daniel Malachovsky, Gerrit ID: malachovsky, <dmalacho@cisco.com>
  • Juraj Sebin, Gerrit ID: jsebin, <sebin.juraj@gmail.com>
  • Maxime Millette-Coulombe, Gerrit ID: , <mmcoulombe@inocybe.com>
  • Stanislav Jamrich, Gerrit ID: sjamrich, <sjamrich@cisco.com>

Vendor Neutral

  • Completely agnostic.
  • Built from the ground up as an open source project.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)

The Initial code is being pulled from the Dlux project, which has met board policy.