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Project Proposals:Integration Packaging



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The Integration/Packaging project will be responsible for OpenDaylight Packaging and Deployment activities, including packages (RPMs, DEBs), containers (Dockerfiles, Packer, Ansible), Vagrant base boxes (Packer, Ansible), configuration management tools (Ansible, Puppet) and future similar tools as they develop.


The Integration/Packaging project will be scoped to include strategy, development and support for packages, containers, Vagrant base boxes, configuration management tools and future similar technology.

The current Integration Project's integration/packaging directory will bootstrap the project. It contains RPM-building logic, Dockerfiles and a Packer configuration for building Vagrant base boxes and (under-construction) containers.

Some tools, like Ansible and Puppet, strongly encourage independent repositories when integrating with their ecosystem (Puppet Forge, Ansible Galaxy). Once the OpenDaylight Forge exists, the Integration/Packaging project hopes to migrate the existing simi-official Ansible role and Puppet module external repositories to ODL Forge, potentially submoduling them into integration/packaging.

While there is some tooling overlap with the RelEng projects (using Vagrant, for example), RelEng requires very specific optimizations for running in the Rackspace infrastructure and is rightfully scoped to build and maintain their custom Vagrant base boxes for CI. The Integration/Packaging project would be glad to support those efforts via its toolset, but it doesn't intend to take over that responsibility.

Many of the tools and artifacts generated by Integration/Packaging are meant to be hosted on specific external sites, like DockerHub, Ansible Galaxy, Puppet Forge and various Vagrant box hosting services. After discussion with the relevant Linux Foundation admins, there's a consensus that it's best for Integration/Packaging to own the external service integration of its toolchains, vs tightly relying on the LF.

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

  • Daniel Farrell (dfarrell@redhat.com / IRC handle: dfarrell07)
  • Jamo Luhrsen (jluhrsen@redhat.com / IRC handle: jamoluhrsen)
  • Thanh Ha (thanh.ha@linuxfoundation.org / IRC: zxiiro)
  • Marcus Williams (marcus.g.williams@gmail.com / IRC handle: mgkwill)

Initial Committers

  • Daniel Farrell (dfarrell@redhat.com / IRC handle: dfarrell07)
  • Jamo Luhrsen (jluhrsen@redhat.com / IRC handle: jamoluhrsen)
  • Thanh Ha (thanh.ha@linuxfoundation.org / IRC: zxiiro)

Vendor Neutral

  • No vendor package names in code
  • No vendor branding present in code or output of build
  • No vendor branding present in documentation

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)