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Project Proposals:Logical Switch Abstraction


Logical switch abstraction project creation and integration into ODP.

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Provides “logical switch” abstraction to facilitate unified control and management interface for multi-vendor physical/virtual network elements. Network applications will be able to use this single interface in vendor agnostic manner provide network services/orchestration. The abstraction will provide L2/L3 primitives such as VLANs, L2VPNs, L3VPNs etc. based on commonly available similar primitives provided by vendor network elements (physical switches, stackable switches and fabrics).


Logical switch abstraction project includes:

  • Logical switch abstraction service
    • Northbound APIs for providing commons L2/L3 primitives
    • Single point of management of multi-vendor network elements
      • Provisioning
      • Monitoring
      • Firmware management
  • SAL extensions for data model and configuration APIs
  • L2/L3 control and management APIs
  • Pluggable southbound transport

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

Initial Committers

Vendor Neutral

  • No vendor package names in code
  • No vendor branding / trademark present in code or output of build
  • No vendor branding / trademark present in documentation

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)