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Project Proposals:Main

Creation Review


  • Review the Project Lifecycle to get a clear picture of how projects work at OpenDaylight.
  • Edit this page and create a reference for a new page to your proposal
  • Fill in the page you created describing your proposal.
    • You can use the fake proposal for the ABC Plugin as a template.
    • Please indicate if you are planning to contribute existing code, or start a new project from scratch.
    • Note: It is very important that you include both the opendaylight account name (i.e. Gerrit User ID) and associated email address for all initial committers. This will speed the on-boarding process immensely.
  • send mail to project-proposals with a reference to your newly created project proposal page
  • Prepare your existing code for contribution. Suggestions can be found here.
  • Submit your code to the OpenDaylight Foundation for IPR Review by contacting Phil Robb.

Guidelines for Creation Review

The last step before your project is formally created is to have a creation review (See section 2.3.1 of the Project Lifecycle) during a TSC meeting.

  • You can ask for your creation review to be scheduled for any TSC meeting that is more than two weeks after the proposal was e-mailed to the project-proposals list.
    • Please e-mail the tsc list to schedule the Creation Review.
    • It may not be possible to schedule the creation review on the requested day, the TSC does it's best to accommodate requests.
  • Creation reviews typically last 20–30 minutes.
    • People usually either bring slides or just use their proposal if it goes into sufficient detail.
    • A few diagrams of the major components and how they interact are often useful.
    • If you plan to use slides, please upload them to the wiki ahead of time so that people can see them without needing WebEx screensharing to work as it's often annoying to get to work on Linux.
    • We conduct the meeting on IRC as well as WebEx, so it's useful to have the slides posted to the wiki before the meeting, that way we can link them in.
    • You can find details about both the WebEx and IRC on the TSC page
  • Common questions that come up are:
    • Is the committer list complete?
    • What problem is being solved here? What is the scope of the project?
    • How should we expect it to interact with other related components and projects that are already in ODL?
    • How would an user interact with it? any user story to illustrate?

Guidelines for After Creation Review

Once your project has been formally approved by the TSC, you'll want to start getting it set up.

  • Make sure any code you are bringing in goes through IPR Review by contacting Casey Cain.
  • Look at the New Project Checklist
    • Of particular note, create a main wiki page for your project using the project facts template so that people can find key information about your project and so that it appears in the Project list.
  • The first thing you'll want to do is to email the OpenDaylight helpdesk with a link to the TSC minutes (or TSC list e-mail) showing your creation review approval asking for your resources to be set up.
  • After that, you should start working through the tasks on the checklist.
    • At the very least, you can set up your main project wiki page with the key facts while your infrastructure is being set up.

Guidelines for New Projects

Guidance for New Projects

New Pending Creation Review

Nitrogen Accepted Creation Review

(sorted by date accepted into incubation)

Carbon Accepted Creation Review

(sorted by date accepted into incubation)

Boron Accepted Creation Review

(sorted by date accepted into incubation)

Beryllium Accepted Creation Review

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Lithium Accepted Creation Review

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Helium Accepted Creation Review

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Hydrogen Accepted Creation Review

Previous Submitted Creation Review

Graduation Review

Instructions for Submitting Graduation Review

New Pending Graduation Review

Boron Accepted Graduation Review

(sorted by date graduated to mature)

Previous Submitted Graduation Review

Termination Review

Instructions for Submitting Termination Review

According to the OpenDaylight Project Lifecycle and Releases document, a project can be moved to the Achived state by a Termination Review. The termination review can be instigated either by a vote of the project committers or by the TSC. For the TSC to instigate the termination review, the project must have no remaining committers or have had no commits to their repository for more than 18 months. In either event, a Termination Proposal must be posted for two weeks containing the following information:

  1. That the project is being terminated
  2. A description of the impact on other projects, users, and communities as well as how they will be mitigated
  3. Where the project will be archived to

Pending Termination Review

Accepted Termination Review