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Project Proposals:ModBus Plugin


ModBus Plugin

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ModBus is a serial communications protocol for use with programmable logic controllers (PLCs). It is used for collecting a measurement information (temperature, humidity, etc) from the devices (equipped with PLC) connected in the same network.

The ModBus project addresses the need for a southbound plugin that allows applications and controller services to interact with devices using ModBus. OpenDayLight is supposed to be used as a platform for developing ModBus-based control systems, such as SCADA.


The ModBus project includes:

  • ModBus TCP


The ModBus project has no dependencies on other projects.

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

Mikhail Zaytsev (misha.zaytsev.rus@gmail.com), ODL username: Misha

Initial Committers

Mikhail Zaytsev (misha.zaytsev.rus@gmail.com), ODL username: Misha

Vendor Neutral

The code base will contain the standard ODL copyright notice. The implementation of ODL ModBus plugin will be based on j2mod lib (https://sourceforge.net/projects/j2mod)

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)