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Project Proposals:Neutron Northbound


Neutron Northbound

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The Neutron Northbound project provides an implementation of the OpenStack Neutron APIs.


The neutron northbound project is focused on the communication from the ODL mechanism driver in Openstack to the ODL neutron service and on methods of passing information received to multiple ODL providers. It does not include direct manipulation of low-level network/overlay elements - these are left to the providers that receive information from this project


The goals of this project are

1. To allow the ODL neutron service to evolve in tandem with the evolution of Neutron APIs in OpenStack.
2. Maintain the transparency of the current communication between OpenStack and OpenDaylight.
3. Improve on the current method of passing neutron information to multiple providers.
4. Attract more developer involvement.

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

  • Ed Warnicke
  • Flavio Fernandes
  • Sam Hague
  • Ryan Moats
  • Kyle Mestery
  • Keith Burns (alagalah@gmail.com IRC: alagalah)
  • Swaminathan Vasudevan

Initial Committers

  • Srini Seetharaman - srini.seetharaman at gmail.com - srini
  • Ryan Moats - rmoats at us.ibm.com - regXboi
  • Ed Warnicke - hagbard at gmail.com - eaw
  • Flavio Fernandes - ffernand at redhat.com - flavio

Vendor Neutral

The initial code for this project is already committed to the controller project and will come from the following two directories:

  • features/neutron
  • opendaylight/networkconfiguration/neutron

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)

As this project is spinning out of controller, the thread discussing this proposal in controller-dev begins here and here