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Project Proposals:OpenDayLight Intel® DPDK vSwitch


OpenDayLight DPDK vSwitch

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DPDK vSwitch is an enhancement to the open source Open vSwitch multilayer virtual switch found at http://openvswitch.org/. Intel and Wind River teams replace the OVS forwarding module (data plane) with switching logic built on top of the DPDK library to significantly boost packet switching throughput. The Forwarding engine incorporates DPDK and uses Huge Page Tables. The Open vSwitch control plane is modified to connect to Intel® DPDK and virtual interfaces to guests operating systems that can leverage the higher switch throughput. The forwarding module runs in Linux user space with BSD license rights.

This ODL project aims to add new, extend and validate existing Protocol Plugins on the OpenDaylight controller, so as to satisfy the control communication demands between the SDN controller and DPDK vSwitch following the OpenFlow and OVSDB specifications. In addition, it will validate existing network service functions, applications and extensions against DPDK vSwitch functionality, including OpenStack Neutron ML2.


The scope of OpenDaylight Carrier / Enterprise project includes:

• Southbound OpenFlow API validation and extensions specific for DPDK vSwitch-specific features

• Validation of other applications

• Expose DPDK vSwitch value-added functionality

• Neutron ML2 integration – incorporate platform awareness, leverage DPDK vSwitch capabilities in the Neutron ML2 interface

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

• Chris Buerger <chris.buerger@windriver.com> IRC handle: chris_wrs_sd

• Craig Griffin <craig.griffin@windriver.com>

• Bob Church <robert.church@windriver.com>

• Eric Multanen <eric.w.multanen@intel.com>

Initial Committers

• Chris Buerger <chris.buerger@windriver.com> IRC handle: chris_wrs_sd

• Craig Griffin <craig.griffin@windriver.com>

• Bob Church <robert.church@windriver.com>

• Eric Multanen <eric.w.multanen@intel.com>

Vendor Neutral

• No vendor package names in code

• No vendor branding present in code or output of build

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)