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Project Proposals:SDNApp-SDK


SDNApp-SDK (Software Development Kit - SDK for SDN Applications)

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With evolving SDN Controllers, the need for SDN Applications (SDNApp) are growing that would introduce specific business logic that can enable Telco/Enterprises to leverage the eco-system of Software Defined Networks. A few of the pain-points when an SDNApp is being developed are:

  • SDN Application (SDN-App) being implemented leveraging OpenDaylight NB API’s
  • Business logic being implemented across SDN-Apps (repetition of logic)
  • Interfaces/adaptors being implemented by SDN-Apps to inter-work with 3rd party products/tools
  • App developers write independent database CRUD services
  • ‘Silo’ operations of SDN-Apps

This project proposes a Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenDaylight SDNApp development that following the main principles of:

  • A reference platform that provides guidelines for a SDN-App development - framework, modelling techniques
  • Enables OpenDaylight SDN-App developers to collaborate (reuse, enhance, add-on) existing interfaces/adaptors/database services across SDN Apps
  • A common platform to validate SDN-Apps being implemented/deployed on OpenDaylight
  • A framework to enable application management – start / stop / audit SDN-Apps being deployed on OpenDaylight

The following figure depicts the core components of the SDNApp-SDK: SDKArchitecture-ForWiki.png

Synopsis of the SDK components proposed for OpenDaylight Beryllium release

Data modelling

  • Yang generic and abstracted model for SDN App implementation
  • Defines 3rd party tool type (DPI, monitoring, application suite)
  • Defines Data format (Name-Value List) for 3rd party tool/suite integration
  • Defines Database connectivity (Cassandra, Mongo DB), database schemas
  • Enables defining Application specific data to be used by the SDN App
  • Defining abstraction of REST interfaces for North Bound client of SDN applications

Inter-working with 3rd party tools

  • Listener APIs for modeled information from east-west interfaced 3rd party tools (DPI, monitoring tools, Lync)
  • Leverage SDK YANG model – to defined the tool type and related information from interfaced tools
  • Leverage SDK Listener APIs – to retrieve modelled information from east-west interfaced tools

Database services

  • Leverage SDK YANG model – enables creation of database schema for the data modelled object
  • Defined SDK YANG model – enables inter-working with different database types (Cassandra, MongoDB)
  • Leverage SDK Database CRUD operations – enables SDN App to use these database services

Application Management

  • SDK Application Management – Enables Keeper and OAM services for the SDN App
  • SDK OAM Services APIs – enables SDN App to include Start, Stop, Backup/Restore capability
  • SDK CLI APIs – enables extending OAM services via CLI

Keeper Services

  • SDK Keeper APIs – enables SDN App to include Audit, Alerts and Logging capability
  • Extend APIs to provide audit/monitoring of the SDN-App by other applications

Build and deploy

  • Follows OpenDaylight development (SONAR, Junit etc.) and build (Jenkings etc.) processes
  • SDN-App will also follow the OpenDaylight deployment approach (Karaf)

Sample Code

  • As part of the SDN-App use case implemented, sample code for leveraging the SDK services to be available
  • Interface specifications/SDK User Guide to be available to enable leveraging the SDN-App SDK


The scope of this project (SDNApp-SDK Version 1.0 for OpenDaylight Beryllium) will be divided into two phases:

Phase 1:

  • Implement SDK framework (M2)
  • Provide SDK support for Data Model, Database & 3rd Party Services (M2)
  • Provide SDK support for Audit-Keeper, Application and Listener Services (M3)

Phase 2:

  • Implement sample Use-Case using the SDK Services (also as sample code) (M4)
  • User Guide for SDN-App SDK (M4)

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

Rajani Srivastava <Srivastava.rajani@tcs.com>
Sumit Kapoor < sumit.kapoor@tcs.com>
Divya Chaudhary <Chaudhary.divya@tcs.com>
Razi Ahmed <ahmed.razi@tcs.com>

Initial Committers

Rajani Srivastava <Srivastava.rajani@tcs.com> <GerritID: rajanis>
Divya Chaudhary <Chaudhary.divya@tcs.com> <GerritID: divya_chaudhary>

Vendor Neutral

The project is made from scratch, no vendor code, logos nor is anything included.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)

New Project. No Inbound Code Review required

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