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Project Proposals:Southbound plugin to the OpenContrail platform


Southbound plugin to the OpenContrail platform

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OpenContrail is an open source - Apache 2.0-licensed project that is built using standards-based protocols and provides flexible, reliable and highly scalable solution for network virtualization. It includes virtual network controller, virtual router, analytics engine, and published northbound APIs. The northbound APIs are based on an extensive set of REST API to configure and gather operational and analytics data from the network. This project will provide the integration/interworking between the OpenDaylight controller and the OpenContrail platform. This combined open-source solution will seamlessly enable OpenContrail platform capabilities within the OpenDaylight project. The southbound plugin to the OpenContrail platform for OpenDaylight project will enable the continuous integration with the OpenContrail platform as it develops and evolves.

The southbound plugin to the OpenContrail platform will enable OpenDaylight to utilize the OpenContrail platform's networking capabilities such as:

1. Cloud Networking – Dynamic and reliable management of virtual overlay networks with scalability important for Private clouds for Enterprises or Service Providers, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) for Cloud Service Providers.

2. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) in Service Provider Network and service chaining for enterprise deployments – Streamlined service chaining utilizing L3 overlay solution.

OpenContrail Plugin Architecture.jpg

OpenStack neutron calls to NeutronAPIService within OpenDaylight will be intercepted by the southbound plugin to the OpenContrail platform. The plugin in turn will call OpenContrail REST APIs to provide virtual network services.


1. Development of a southbound plugin to support OpenContrail platform implementations. The plugin will provide the mapping of the ODL neutron and OpenContrail REST API's.

2. The plugin will be implemented in an easily extensible manner.

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

Pedro Marques(roque@juniper.net)

Ankit Agarwal (ankita@juniper.net)

Sachi Gupta (sachig@juniper.net)

Shreshtha Joshi

Rajani Srivastava

Raviteja Gettam

Shravani N

Initial Committers

Sachi Gupta(sachig@juniper.net)

Ankit Agarwal (ankita@juniper.net)

Additional contributors

Aleksey Mints(amints@juniper.net)

Vendor Neutral

The project is made from scratch, no vendor code, logos nor anything is included.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)

New Project. No Inbound Code Review required