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Project Proposals:XMPP Plugin


XMPP Plugin

Repo Name

Please select a Repository (Repo) name for your project. Please keep in mind it should be: xmppplugin


XMPP is a communications protocol based on XML [Extensible Markup Language] . The protocol can be used to provide near real-time instant mes‐ saging, presence information, or just about any information really that needs to be extended to a subscription group. It was designed to be extensible, as its name suggests,and has in fact been extended a number of times over the years. XMPP Plugin intend to implement a southbound plugin based on XMPP protocol, it is used to enable ODL to manage device which supports XMPP.


  • 1.XMPP Southbound plugin
  • 2.XMPP protocol core and XMPP XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

huangdenghui(huangdenghui@gmail.com) IRC: denghui

Initial Committers

huangdenghui(huangdenghui@gmail.com) IRC: denghui

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