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Project Proposals talk:NEMO


  1. Q: in the scope it is mentioned that NEMO could be implemented on top of NIC, but does not state this is the direction the project aims to take. So to ask the question explicitly, is the direction to implement NEMO such that the language compiles down to [multiple] intent statements?
    1. A: I take it as two questions, even though they're related:
      1. For the first one, related to NIC, yes, NEMO Language intents to be a language form for NIC corresponding to its RESTful/RESTconf API.
      2. For the second one, yes in someway, but I would like to describe it as NEMO provides a "language" way for the developers to express their "Intent statement". And then NEMO engine will compile it into lower [multiple] level execution statement(s) or [multiple] intent statement(s), (hopefully the intent engine is abstractive enough, it is 1-1, in most of the case), in other format, such as RESTful, etc.
  2. Q: Do you see NEMO as able to define new intends as well, i.e. able to define a new intent that decomposes into other intents?
    1. A: NEMO is trying to extend the current existing "intent" related the projects use cases / model inside ODL to cover service provider use cases, such as WAN, TE, etc., but in phases. In this way, NEMO's intent could be higher abstraction, and could be decompose into other intent(s): segmented, including DC use case.