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Project list

The dependency graph of projects in the Boron Release. This does not include all projects, just those participating in the Boron release.

Current Projects

Note: This project list is an automatically produced list of all pages using the project facts template in alphabetical order1. If you have a project that has been approved by the TSC, but it is not listed here, please make sure to use the project facts template on your project's main page. If you want to change the name of your project in this list, please move/rename your project's main page. Also, please note that these lists will not update instantly; give the wiki a few hours before assuming something is wrong.

Kernel Projects

Protocol Projects

App Projects

Service Projects

Support Projects

Uncategorized Projects

Archived Projects

1To be very precise, the list is a list of all pages in the Project Main Pages category, but not in the Archived Projects category. It is just that the project facts template automatically populates those categories when properly filled out.

Project Types

For the new-style TSC Election, projects are sorted into Represented Groups based on project types and TSC seats are allocated to each group. This section is the TSC's attempt at categorizing projects into Represented Groups by type. There are 4 project type-based Represented Groups for the Carbon election: Kernel, Protocol, Application and Support. If you think a project has been mis-categorized, please feel encouraged to edit this page and email the TSC about it. This list is not dynamically generated like the one above, so new projects will need to be manually added.