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Release Dashboard

Last Updated: 2018/02/19 20:00 UTC


Milestone Planned Date Revised Date Actual Date Notes
Formal Release 2017/5/25 2017/5/25 RC Download
SR1 2017/7/6 2017/7/14 SR1 Download
SR2 2017/8/17 2017/10/17 SR2 Download
SR3 2017/11/9 2017/12/14 SR3 Download Build 508 was the release candidate build. It has the fix for AAA-151. It has 45 CSIT failures - all have been reviewed (big thanks to Luis Gomez and Jamo Luhrsen). 2 CSIT test failures in netvirt require further investigation/assessment. Netvirt team submitted patches on 2018-01-15 and a new autorelease build 523 was successfully built. 3 more patches were submitted on 2018-01-18 and a newer autorelease build 525 was successfully built (Build 524 failed). Additional patches were integrated on 2018-02-02. Build 540 was the second release candidate. netvirt failures were resolved but there was a regression in openflowplugin: blocker bug OPNFLWPLUG-975. Fix for the blocker bug was merged on 2018-02-14 and a new build successfully completed. Build #544 is our new release candidate. Awaiting CSIT signoff - CSIT signoff page Note: The OPNFV blocking issues NETCONF-503 and NETVIRT-896 brought up by OPNFV on 2018-01-25 have been confirmed as non ODL issues.
SR4 2018/2/15 2018/3/15


Milestone Planned Date Revised Date Actual Date Notes
Formal Release 2017/9/7 2017/9/26 RC Download
SR1 2017/10/7 2017/10/26 2017/11/28 SR1 Download

CSIT Signoff Page TSC approved release on 2017-11-27. Formally released on 2017-11-28.

SR2 2017/12/7 2018/2/14 TSC decided on 2017-12-21 to merge with SR3 and release on 2018-2-7. Date revised to 2018-2-14 by TSC on 2018-02-01. Need to move out a few more days. Nitrogen branch is locked as of 2018-02-12 and we have a release candidate build. Build #399 is our release candidate. Awaiting CSIT signoff - CSIT Signoff Page
SR3 2018/2/7 2018/5/7
SR4 2018/3/21 - 2018/5/7 N/A N/A TSC decided on 2017-12-21 to scratch SR4 (only 3 SRs for Nitrogen)


Milestone Offset 0 Date Offset 1 Date Offset 2 Date Revised Date Actual Date Notes
M0 2017/9/7 N/A N/A Declare Intent
Last call for project proposals 2017/9/14 2017/9/21 2017/9/28
M1 2017/10/7 2017/10/14 2017/10/21 Final Release Plan Did not receive readouts from ocpplugin and tsdr - these 2 projects are to be dropped, Note: tsdr submitted readout after given deadline and is asking to be re-included. TSC approved re-admittance of tsdr on 2017-11-30. Only ocpplugin project dropped due to missing m1 submission.
M2 2017/11/7 2017/11/14 2017/11/21 Functionality Freeze 41 projects: odlparent, lispflowmapping, usc, nemo, vtn, sfc, bgpcep, alto, sxp, opflex, tsdr, l2switch, neutron northbound, genius, honeycomb/vbd, groupbasedpolicy, netvirt, aaa, snmp, infrautils, coe, packetcable, controller, daexim, ovsdb, openflowplugin, nic, bier, intdist, unimgr, eman, of-config, snmp4sdn, jsonrpc, yangtools, mdsal, netconf, p4plugin, faas, dlux, dluxapps submitted readout so far and all have been merged.
M3 2017/12/7 2017/12/14 2017/12/21 API Freeze 39 projects: controller, aaa, nemo, usc, sxp, odlparent, ovsdb, bgpcep, sfc, packetcable, genius, daexim, tsdr, alto, ofconfig, yangtools, vtn, honeycomb/vbd, groupbasedpolicy, infrautils, bier, netconf, openflowplugin, opflex, netvirt, neutron, coe, faas, lispflowmapping, l2switch, eman, snmp4sdn, p4plugin, unimgr, jsonrpc, intdist, dlux, dluxapps, snmp submitted readout so far and all have been merged. 1 project remaining: mdsal.
M4 2018/1/7 2018/1/14 2018/1/21 2018/1/28 Code Freeze 33 projects: controller, infrautils, odlparent, sxp, lispflowmapping, l2switch, usc, nemo, opflex, neutron, snmp4sdn, tsdr, ovsdb, intdist, vtn, genius, sfc, bgpcep, daexim, packetcable, ofconfig, bier, alto, netvirt, p4plugin, groupbasedpolicy, honeycomb/vbd, jsonrpc, coe, dlux, dluxapps, snmp, aaa submitted readout so far and all have been merged. 4 projects remaining: mdsal, netconf, openflowplugin, yangtools.
RC0 2018/2/7 N/A N/A 2018/2/14 Distribution Build for RC - Behind schedule: we do not have a green build yet. Projects without merged version bump patch: eman, faas. Projects not in autorelease: eman, faas, vtn. Projects not in integration/distribution: eman, faas, nic, unimgr, vtn. Status of bier problematic: awaiting this patch.

In TSC meeting on 2018-02-15, to mitigate schedule risk, TSC decided to drop these 5 projects from Oxygen Simultaneous Release: eman, faas, nic, unimgr, vtn. TSC also decided that the 12000 line bier patch be postponed for Flourine. Note: Schedule At Risk due to the nexus infrastructure problem last week and the unstable builds.
RC1 2018/2/14 N/A N/A 2018/2/21
RC2 2018/2/21 N/A N/A 2018/2/28
RC3 2018/2/28 N/A N/A 2018/3/7
Formal Oxygen Release 2018/3/7 N/A N/A 2018/3/14
SR1 (Service Release 1 aka Oxygen.1) 2018/4/7 N/A N/A 2018/4/14
SR2 (Service Release 2 aka Oxygen.2) 2018/6/7 N/A N/A
SR3 (Service Release 3 aka Oxygen.3) 2018/8/7 N/A N/A
SR4 (Service Release 4 aka Oxygen.4) 2018/9/21 - 2018/11/7 N/A N/A