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Release Plan

This content is out-of-date and is considered deprecated. It is unlikely to be updated in the future either. Information here should be taken with that in mind.

This page won't be updated anymore. For the latest release schedule please refer to


Development Process

OpenDaylight is committed to an open design and development process. The community operates around a time-based release cycle of roughly every six months with frequent development milestones. The naming convention for each OpenDaylight release follows the atomic number of elements in the periodic table, per the following release calendar:


All release planning is conducted via public forums and current information about the state of planning is available on the OpenDaylight Developer Wiki.

If you are interested in contributing to a future release, please check out the Community Getting Started Guide to learn more about collaborating with the developer community through mailing lists, IRC and other active community forums. Also see the Guide for New Projects and Proposal Submission Guide.

OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee holds weekly public meetings to discuss current development topics.

OpenDaylight Project hosts Developer Forums and HackFests with a virtual component to advance development. Watch the OpenDaylight Events Calendar for future events.

Detailed Release Information

Because our design and development is done in the open, we have public documentation available regarding the development status of the current and upcoming release.

Release Tracking in JIRA

Release Tracking in Google Drive

Current Release Under Development: Fluorine

Most-recent Release: Oxygen









Release Proposals

There have been proposals regarding faster release cycles. The link to a previously proposed template for a faster release cycle is kept below for reference:

Release Plan Templates and Guides