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Service Utils Facts

Project Creation Date: June 14, 2018
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Type: Kernel
Primary Contact: Faseela K <k.faseela@gmail.com>
Documentation Contact: Vacant
Project Lead: Faseela K <k.faseela@gmail.com>

  • David Suarez Fuentes <david.suarez.fuentes@gmail.com>
  • Faseela K <k.faseela@gmail.com>
  • Michael Vorburger <vorburger@redhat.com>
  • Sam Hague <shague@redhat.com>
  • Vishal Thapar <vthapar@redhat.com>
  • Vivek Srivastava <vivek.v.srivastava@ericsson.com>


  • None, yet

IRC: freenode.net #opendaylight-genius
Mailing List: genius-dev@lists.opendaylight.org
    Archives: genius-dev archives
Meetings: none scheduled

Repository: git clone https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/serviceutils
Jenkins: jenkins silo
Gerrit Patches: code patches/reviews

ServiceUtils is an infrastructure project for OpenDaylight aimed at providing utilities that will assist in Operation and Maintenance of different services provided by OpenDaylight. A service is a functionality provided by the ODL controller as seen by the operator. These services can be categerized as Networking services, e.g. L2, L3/VPN, NAT etc., and Infra services, e.g. Openflow. These services are provided by different ODL projects like Netvirt, Genius and Openflowplugin and are comprised of a set of java karaf bundles and associated MD-SAL datastores.