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Simultaneous Release/Beryllium/SR4/Release Notes

This page details changes and bug fixes between the Beryllium Stability Release 3 (Beryllium-SR3) and the Beryllium Stability Release 4 (Beryllium-SR4) of OpenDaylight.

Projects with no noteworthy changes

The following projects had no noteworthy changes in the Beryllium-SR4 Release:

  • ALTO
  • Centinel
  • Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP)
  • Controller Shield
  • DLUX
  • Device Identification and Driver Management (DIDM)
  • Fabric As A Service (FaaS)
  • Group Based Policy (GBP)
  • Internet of Things Data Management (IoTDM)
  • Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
  • Messaging4Transport
  • NEtwork MOdeling (NEMO)
  • NeXt UI Toolkit
  • NetIDE
  • Network Intent Composition (NIC)
  • Neutron Northbound
  • Packet Cable/PCMM
  • SDN Interface Application (SDNi)
  • SNMP Plugin
  • Secure Network Bootstrapping Infrastructure (SNBI)
  • Secure tag eXchange Protocol (SXP)
  • Service Function Chaining
  • TCP-MD5
  • Time Series Data Repository (TSDR)
  • User Network Interface Manager (UNIMGR)
  • VPN Service

Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)

  • a7853f Auto-detect secure HTTP in the idmtool script
  • cbb7e9 Add support for Active Directory to AAA
  • 9c9c51 Add groupRolesMap configuration option for ODLJndiLdapRealm
  • f6a970 Do not override odlparent's version declaration


  • 0cc5a7 BUG-6810: Fix intermintent Be BmpMonitorImplTest failure
  • a67ad3 BUG-6739 - Throw exception while Installing odl-bgpcep-bgp-all feature
  • cb5d14 BUG-6585: BGP ChannelOutputLimiter waits forever
  • e65e13 BUG-6662: On connection reset by peer, sometimes re-connection attempt stops after HoldTimer expired error
  • a47f8b BUG-6568 - Termination Point Type is never set in BGP-LS topology
  • b549f6 BUG-6507: MalformedObjectNameException while configuring OpenConfig BGP IPv6 neighbor - Since colon is not a valid character for MBean key, replace colon in IPv6 neighbor address with dash while creating BGP Peer module name - Convert neighbor IPv6 address and key which is derieved from it to to normalized notation (full-form and leading 0s removed) to match with similar conversion for BGP Peer module done in BGPPeerModule#getNormalizedHost
  • 2074c9 BUG-5922: inbound IPv6 connection fails if address has zero groups in it - Convert the remote IPv6 address to normalized notation (full-form and leading 0s removed) so that comparision with configured BGP Peer address works - BGP Peer address is converted to this form in BGPPeerModule#getNormalizedHost
  • bf4a8c BUG-6242: PCRpt received with bandwidth reoptimization object leads to loop causing OOM - added bandwidth reoptimization object to the list of possible objects in PCRpt message - gracefully handle condition where unexpected object is present in received message - updated unit-tests
  • badc28 BUG-6330: Fix race condition when reinstalling App Peer
  • 9b3951 BUG-6342: Link-state topology takes long time to get updated - When large number of prefixes are present for node, repeated re-writing of node causes slowness - Avoid writing the entire node again when prefix or termination-point information for that node changes - Just write the modified information in such cases


  • 31364d BUG-6348 : car:stop-stress-test RPC to return success & failure counters
  • c17f2e Fix missing LeaderStateChanged event


  • 67eb4f Added a variation of the 'configure-cluster.sh' script that does not require the 'index' parameter. The script determines the local machine's IP address and checks whether it's present in 'seed_nodes_list'. The script also determines the index based on the local IP address.
  • e30ccb Set 2nd version for autorelease scripting
  • 04d0d9 Add script to enable/disable config datastore persistence

L2 Switch

LISP Flow Mapping


  • 18138b BUG-2332: BindingMapping to camel split also on forward slash
  • c91e99 BUG-6184: Workaround for namespaces with URL with trailing slash
  • c3ce38 BUG-6126: Use importedName for java.lang types in ClassTemplate


  • ce1ff7 Do a proper disconnect when deleting a connector.
  • c1b194 BUG-6272 - support RESTCONF PATCH for mounted NETCONF nodes
  • 5eccda BUG-6256 - OpenDaylight RESTCONF XML selects wrong YANG model for southbound NETCONF
  • 75c307 BUG-6797 - Fix deadlock on cached schema-changed notifications
  • 2278a4 Add unit tests for sal-netconf-connector
  • 40cfb8 BUG-6198 - Use sal-netconf-connector to connet device costs too much time

Network Virtualization

ODL Root Parent

OVSDB Integration

  • c8a3d9 BUG-6692: use non-deprecated firstKeyOf() variant
  • cb5076 BUG-6692: clean up MonitorRequestBuilder
  • 192e4f Clean up SouthboundConstants
  • 5af9c8 Fix clear bug related to "num" in JSON Node [Guava instead JDK Optional]
  • 9c60c1 Fixed inappropriate WARN message.
  • f7c33a BUG-6475: Removed unnecessary read operations.
  • 4a6da8 BUG-6472 - JsonRpcEndpoint Reaper Thread's daemon property is not set
  • 4767c3 BUG-6454: ProcUtils stdout should be grouped together
  • d7fca5 BUG-6463 - Monitoring _version column on the ovsdb table is generating huge updates from switch
  • b662df Filter out monitor updates for some columns
  • a28379 BUG-6332 - Conflicting modification Exception for topology path
  • 473f90 BUG-6336 using single tx for logical switch, macs
  • 466e0a BUG-6352 - [SR3] RPC timeout in JsonRPCEndpoint is not configurable
  • 130c4c added support for switch/port fault status for hwvtep schema changes.
  • f2aa35 Docker-compose files for hwvtep IT, ovs 2.4/2.5
  • 93474c BUG-5951 - Termination point config reconciliation

OpenFlow Configuration Protocol (OF-CONFIG)

  • c70c3b Add the OF_CONFIG_OVS capabilities

OpenFlow Plugin

  • 375e02 BUG-6118: making the OFentityListener aware of the InJeopardy() flag
  • e308cf BUG-6513 Remove FD from registry immediately
  • a606e2 Fix Ipv6 format compression
  • 7f7514 BUG-6059: Moving Statistics Manager to DTCL
  • 42292d BUG-6086 - Bulk-o-matic add flow RPC does not work
  • 5d23e3 Device*Registry quickfix - add* failed
  • 7ed2bb BUG-6058:Currently the Operational Datastore does not get cleaned up and the switch continues to persist if the node that is connected to the switch goes down. The patch addresses it.
  • 940142 Move empty match constant into OFConstants

OpenFlow Protocol Library

  • 5ef255 BUG-6646 Fix infinite reschedule of flush
  • caca77 BUG-6638 Failed entries marked as completed also counted as completed
  • 5e8b6a BUG-6744 - the parameters of the function of registerMeterBandSerializer need to be more refined
  • f93dde BUG-6674 - the key of the serialization function registered by the vendor is not refinement enough

Table Type Patterns (TTP)

  • 541801 Create non-root ttp-parent

Topology Processing Framework

Unified Secure Channel (USC)

  • bcebca Do not override odlparent version of maven dependecy plugin

Virtual Tenant Network (VTN)

YANG Tools